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!!<< doodle time >>!! I was practicing the female anatomy ^_^ I guess it's obvious
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SHIN !!<< doodle time >>!! I was practicing the female anatomy ^_^ I guess it's obvious
AnimeminA 2007-11-09 22:58:33 top left and lower right are my favourite, haha. yea, i should take some time drawing nude picture to improve my anatomy like you since mine sucks, lol. try different body built, that would seem like a challenge ^^
ukkie 2007-11-10 06:01:37 Female anatomy again? :-P ^_~ I really, really like the shading on all of them. I also really like the expression of the elf girl in the middle, but her upper body seems a little too long. I think the cat girl on the right worked out the least. Her head is positioned weird on her neck and her hips seem really broad compared to the shoulders (remember: the shoulders should be broader than the hips). Overall very good doodles ^_^ I agree with AnimeminA though, you should try a different body built, because not every girl (and not every guy either by the way) is built so perfectly ^__~
Def Character 2007-11-11 08:00:24 Nice posing shin. The hip from the angle down left is a bit odd. Wouldn't it be nicer if her bun rested on her anckle 6^^
Octobergirl 2007-11-11 11:45:35 Pretty good anatomy!! I like the one with the wings, left ^^ But the breasts sometimes look a bit weird.
SHIN 2007-11-11 15:37:35 I don't know Def ^_^ poses can be made in tons of ways, so I guess it doesn't really matter sometimes, as long as you practice, right? ^^
pencil no jutsu 2007-11-13 08:52:21 nice but the hip of the angle in the left down is a litle weard
Joou 2007-11-14 02:11:07 Everything that needs to have been said has been said, although you could use a little work with how gravity affects boobs, unless all your women have implants, because right now the breasts just seem too hard and muscular.
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Random art
this is a my chibi version of peach and ryu^-^ the reson why i drew ryu with peach cus i thought look cute together^.^ this was also an experiment cus i dont usualy use black lines.piz coment
Just an experiment. I wanted to see if the colors red, white and black fitted his outfit. I also wanted to give him red eyes (me like red eyes ^_^). I tried to draw his pupils like the eyes of Cloud (in the menu-picture in the game, but my sister thought it was scary. Well, if you don't look to closely to them, I think they're allright. Oh, if someone has tips on colorscanning, I'd like to hear them. My scanner makes all the colorscans yellowish in the lower part. Ok, I'm done talking now ^_^

One of the Killerkun card-ish thingies XD
This is peacock girl I drew at church. [: She is cool, no? I used copics on printer paperr to color. Blehg. anyhow yey. She is (c) me, steal and ill stab j00.
i created this while listening blues
and don't mind the hands cause i'm not good at that, so i was done early as you see ^^
the eleventh page of princess nightmare
Just colored a friends messy line art... at 04:00 at night...I was half asleep while doing this, so it sucks...but meh, hope you like it.
A page from the manga undertaker riddle. It took all day but I like drawing pages like this.
Once more in a bad mood just drawing random things
ran into a band on myspace that mixed manga with their music. ex: they have a song for every chapter of their comic. this is just fan art. ill color it later.
This is a drawing I made for the Aniway magazine.... I think it's quite nice actually. Sorry it's so small :3
He is an person or tracks down the criminally insane. He is schizophrenic.
By the way this is a rushed pic so a better one will be uploaded soon