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lotsofblood having fun?
Zeph 2007-11-08 22:57:44 sure i am. are you?
Zeph 2007-11-08 22:58:10 oh and nice piece. i like the..the...the whatever that thing it
lotsofblood 2007-11-09 19:53:32 haha i had fun drawing it
SHIN 2007-11-10 05:39:25 freaky :o
ukkie 2007-11-10 06:04:51 is that a....hairy eye? o___0
lotsofblood 2007-11-10 20:21:50 yes.. i think, also did you notice the thing's torso looks like the face of a dog?
Def Character 2007-11-11 08:04:40 Aww puppy 6^^
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Random art
New to MW and happy to finally join. Did this a little while ago. Practicing my perspective and musculature. Hope You guys like it! This is the begining of SO MUCH more...
It's been a while MWS. Well, once again I don't come with anything spectacular.. and unfortunately it's not CG at all either. This is a pencil drawing of one of my favorite Fire Emblem characters, the female paladin, Isadora. I ended up drawing this a really weird way.. it started with one eye... then some of the hair.. then some of the face.. it was just.. bizarre to say the least. >< But I think it turned out well.. don't you?
my own version of tom sawyer huck and joe at the jackson island.
It's not manga .... eeeep, sorry >_<
It's some Discworld fan art I drew back in 2004 ^_^
(I only just found it again when I was looking through my big box of photos) ^_^
last pic i did with the denzegar character, there were errors that def pointed out. i just drew the character over to see if i could get it right this time around... c&c me def!! :P
Manga Art
a rebel fighter. critics welcome
Here's page 2 of my mini kakashi - iruka comic ^_^ just the tiniest bit of shonen-ai...really tiny though ^__~ Please comment
Uhhh i had to do this... the other image will be done soon...
Just Dark Elf XD
from Lineage 2
this is Keran Dezara, he has the ability to fight with a sword called "Cailad".
whoo, this changed quite a bit oO  it started out as a girl helping her brother up a tree ;^^  kinda... ended up different xD  But anyway, prolly my bst angel picture so far, I found a really nifty way to make the wings ^o^  but, I feel like the background could be better.  Quite honestly didn't know what else to do with it, though oO  Ah well xD
yes yes yall
this is a preveiw of what i of the 3rd collabe 
all i have left to do is ink it and some color
its a litte messed up so i wont give away the story 
drop a comment on what u think of all the pages
I havent been at any mood at drawing becuz of my broken heart, dudes... but then yesterday i sat on my room and wanted to redraw this pic ----------> <------------------

So i did it thou the third guy didnt fit in and a lot of bg got outside too... maybe this time ill color it and shit...