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I am trying to design this mecha that will look kick ass in 3d but also looks like it would
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TheDarkHell I am trying to design this mecha that will look kick ass in 3d but also looks like it would "work" wen animating ... so tada .. i made a skeleton sketch today .. and it turned out great :P .. so i colored it :D. Injoy
Nagashiwa 2007-11-05 16:54:03 woa nice job^^ I really like it!!
Zeph 2007-11-05 18:41:35 kick ass
Icy_Penguigo 2007-11-06 17:42:45 Whoa. Badass. Like, super-badass. Seriously. This is pretty amazing, dude. I have clearly not been paying close enough attention to your art.
Def Character 2007-11-07 14:40:12 Amazing b^^
Muru Kitty 2007-11-08 14:31:32 wow O.O it is good relly good i wish i could draw like this
pencil no jutsu 2007-11-13 08:49:11 wooow very very cool i like the colors its almoost real
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