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tja long time no see haha
here is a other one ^^
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Nagashiwa tja long time no see haha here is a other one ^^
ukkie 2007-11-03 16:44:38 ooeh sexy indeed! ^___~ Watch the back of the head of the upper one though
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2nd frame! he is timothy Geron,my main character in the story!
And part 2.. (out of 2)
Title:OctoberClock. Idk why....anyhow, I know the numbers are messed up, but I think the fairy turned out okay. My daddy likes it. xD  So yeh.

Zydrate Robber
inuyasha (
more photo shop let me know what you think
one of my character designs i realy like this one
a trial wallpaper only. Using adobe illustrator only....and there's not title for it because is a trial..
Rin Kagamine. Digital artwork!
this is just a character i made up to wish everyone a nice easter im realy happy with it
It's a cartoon version of me =D I'm planning to CG this to use for the design of my ASP .NET webpage school work ^^
Yeah, the finished version of the Gaia comission. Legs came out kinda plain but otherwise better than usually.
"I'm actually not happy at all. Not at all.... 
It are my desires that keep me walking, but when I lose the essence of my desires, it just crumbles under my feet. 
I am unstable. 
My desires, I love them - you."

Made on my feeling few days ago. I wasn't happy, I have my ups and downs... Well , this was the result.
The last in a series of three suntanned pix. A last tribute to summer ^_~ Comments & crits are (always) welcome.