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tja long time no see haha
here is a other one ^^
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Nagashiwa tja long time no see haha here is a other one ^^
ukkie 2007-11-03 16:44:38 ooeh sexy indeed! ^___~ Watch the back of the head of the upper one though
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New character, Nichole Greens © Gabby Oduro
it's the same girl, but then slightly different and it's a sketch XP the only thing now is to design a proper outfit for her ^^ *hehe*
This is one of the first drawings I put on the net... ^^ hope u like it
From the manga Vampire Game.
I really love this pic
I used another artists picture as inspiration of this, so i cant say the idea is my original but i copied the basics and made it my own
Younger Cruella DeVille. Yeah, I don't know either.
Joou was a sunny day today (unlike yesterday=snow) I was in the mood to draw something happy...
this one is originaly made by AIKUZA but I did the colorzzzz... It's very old. 2005 or something maybe older XD
just a pic, I don´t have nothing to say about it
whew, havent made anything for some time T_T. here's a dirty pencil sketch of Natsume Maya from Tenjo Tenge, lots of erasing and stuff >.< hope you like it ^^
I just finish reading Bleachvol. 48-49 and when i saw ichigo final...i just had to draw i did...took me 2 days
Wah.. our RPG-Group... I draw it last year for a birthday of Dejan, one of the players... well, its my first time, drawing such a big group, and I know, there are some mistakes... still, it came out well. And he also loves it ^__^
some sketch... not much to say about it really, i just think she looks cute XD this is what happens when i'm bored for 5 mins =^-^=