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Here is the colored version of the piece I made for Elisabeth ^_^
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SHIN Here is the colored version of the piece I made for Elisabeth ^_^
Joou 2007-10-30 21:12:37 Looks nice. :D Her ears need some detail, though, and maybe add some texture to the pants. But I like the softer shading on the skin.
SHIN 2007-10-31 06:05:28 omg I forgot the ears XD hahaha
yurusanzo 2007-10-31 07:35:42 i like the way the pants were colored XD.... personally i would of perfered to use harder(or darker) shading around the nose area to make the face look less flat
Nagashiwa 2007-10-31 09:32:21 the hair still need some work. it doesn't look good with the skinncollor. it looks flat.. but I like it.
Def Character 2007-11-01 16:21:27 Giive the shawl some shading while your at it^^
baby-marshmallow 2007-11-09 11:02:39 I love the colour choices, very 'summer'.
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Random art
picture of one of my teachers at school. i gave him the original sketch and he said he wanted a color-job too. his name isn't Doug, but he worked on the animated tv show. it's an inside joke.
Dustin C.

HELP!! I am working on this pic but i like always mess up the hair. I wonderd if you guys could help me out? P.S My scanner is nog so good so there are black dots on the pic..srry about that-_-;
....and piccolo. :)
i'm new to drawing manga but i willing
to take advice because i want to make
professional manga one day so please
help me
I hope you like it..

/// Outlines: black Rotring Rapidograph 0.10 mm 
/// Medium: computercoloration (program: Mikrografx Picture Publisher) 
/// Time: 5 h 
just an entry for trico's contest...c&c please...
Sunflower Girl

using Copic Markers
Getting back to my traditional art, I decided to do an angel sketch from life. I like it, except for the face that is a little unproportionate and too young...
Manga Art
 Sorry for the lightness - A bunny girl because easter is coming. :D
Happy Halloween! ^_^
Dustin C.
this is from one of my all time favorite mangas D- Gray Man.