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Here is the colored version of the piece I made for Elisabeth ^_^
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SHIN Here is the colored version of the piece I made for Elisabeth ^_^
Joou 2007-10-30 21:12:37 Looks nice. :D Her ears need some detail, though, and maybe add some texture to the pants. But I like the softer shading on the skin.
SHIN 2007-10-31 06:05:28 omg I forgot the ears XD hahaha
yurusanzo 2007-10-31 07:35:42 i like the way the pants were colored XD.... personally i would of perfered to use harder(or darker) shading around the nose area to make the face look less flat
Nagashiwa 2007-10-31 09:32:21 the hair still need some work. it doesn't look good with the skinncollor. it looks flat.. but I like it.
Def Character 2007-11-01 16:21:27 Giive the shawl some shading while your at it^^
baby-marshmallow 2007-11-09 11:02:39 I love the colour choices, very 'summer'.
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Random art
Not really lineart...but an inked picture... anyway this is another character named Meron from one of my other mangas called Kyor. Please comment/ make suggestions etc, etc... oh, and the pose is from a how to draw manga book....ugh...I absolutely hate her face... one of her legs kinda bothers me too...
Tayori Yume
finally something in my style again. Hand-drawn. Computer messed around with the colors. Comments and Critizms would be nice
XD Tenyi. it's an unexisting characher i made up in Naruto. >.< I made it up in a RPG from a friend of mine. it supose to be some kid who lives with me >.< .. anyway, i hope you like it.
its a photo cuz my scanner is dead :P whole thing cost me about 1 hour. plz comment..

btw. I know his left hand is weird ^ ^
 Eruru Fanart from Utawarerumono, I really like the anime style. I suggest anyone looking for a good war anime check this out, the cute girls is a plus :D
Lara Croft from Tomb Raider 7 Legends
whoa :-O
yeah I decided to go old fashioned and just color with pencils :)
Self portrait. Bazam.

Yes, my chin is that awesomely manly.
I call this picture, "Handel's Girl."
Whew... umm... i did my best... exept for the legarmor... i hate  them..
mmmmmmm i like this way of coloring ,im not sure but i think i have seen a similar pic a few days ago and i dont remember where .... it makes a good wallpaper :), comments are welcome