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3 hour work in photoshop 7. its my gaia avatar xD on fire !!. i really like how it turned out :3
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TheDarkHell 3 hour work in photoshop 7. its my gaia avatar xD on fire !!. i really like how it turned out :3
Def Character 2007-10-24 09:12:19 b^^d awsome.....
SHIN 2007-10-24 16:40:43 yeah, very ^^
Zeph 2007-10-25 23:17:11 glad to see you posting stuff again. awesome work
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-10-26 19:11:54 very cool colour
Nagashiwa 2007-10-26 19:49:33 NOUD you ROCK!!
yurusanzo 2007-10-27 05:38:57 i wish i could color like that :O... i alway miss when you post your colored work, however ive seen tons of your lineworks which are just as great
pencil no jutsu 2007-10-27 06:55:23 mi like it
TheDarkHell 2007-10-28 09:17:38 glad u all like it .. and ya post more colored work .. but coloring just takes so long >.<
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Random art
a fast sketched out pose. not too happy with the hand ion the back. but yeah...practice! will be fixed soon
when I read/watch a series I like, I always think, 'if I had a character in this series, how would she be?' and then make one~

This is the character I made for Jak & Daxter...
she is of course in love with Jak~ I mean who wouldn't be XP
more schtuff
(note! This is my actuall look appart from the fire and light effects :sweat: my style is called you know where i draw my inspiration from^^)

The year is 2500...Humand are enslaved by machines and the world falls to a greater power"Cyborgs" faster than humans and far more competable than humans! These newly made borgs rebel for their freedom to try and exist as a life form.

The scream in this drawing is let me live let me breathe...Dont suffocate me with your judgements!

main character introduces herself..
she looks a bit dead so i made it 18+, don't wanna scare little kids... made it in class, i think she's cute XD
My first attempt at realism (I know it's not manga and I promise I never do it again, but I just need to know whether it's good or not) It's a pretty well known actor, I wonder if you can guess who this is ;)
Collab pic with Arathus Thanx!!!!!!
looks better in full screen!.
I edited it ^^ how ya think Defmaster? I really must thank you for saying how i should about the pic ^^
It's baked beans for my friend's birthday, i quickly cleaned up most of the picture, but i plan to color it within the next week, so lemme know what you think
This was just practise. I know the arms aren't any good but I like the the pose.
So i desided to share this one with you. xp
Muru Kitty
haha yeah a other one..
in the shoune ai style but not so extreem :p

I like this one..

whah thanks to ''minami ozaki( a really great mangaka)'' her artwork is really inspired