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A girl I drew for photoshop coloring later on.
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Andalyn Van Hellsing A girl I drew for photoshop coloring later on.
Zeph 2007-10-19 21:17:48 looks good so far. i would have added a little more detail before fooling around in photoshop, but to each his own. can't wait to see it
Def Character 2007-10-21 08:05:53 Yup very good ^^ guess she will make detail using colours ^^
Andalyn Van Hellsing 2007-10-21 14:51:22 That was the plan. I thought that I might as well add the detail as I was coloring.
kandy_pish 2008-07-28 22:24:59 this looks like that girl from Fate Stay Night!! aqny way the eyes are cool and yeah i rather add details in photoshop.
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Random art
Germaine, my favorite and main character. I just love drawing here....anyways she on the beach by herself listening to music. I know I made alot of mistakes but i still like the pic thou. PLease leave some C&C, thank u. i hope to post another pic for valentines day too <3
2nd strip of my crappy comic, it sucks monkey arse...

A naruto picture. I guess its a blend between more than one character.
...i dunno if this counts for the nudity? but you can't see anything...
soooo do you ever have a moment where you're talking to a friend and suddenly you go 'what would she look like as a bunny?' ? I have moments like that =3 this is my result after talking to WickedLady xD enjoy!
just chibi sketches, I didn't put a serious effort into it ;3 I just thought she looked cute xD

Zydrate Robber
My best lineart by far and probably my best manga in general. I got the idea while listening to Nightwish. In one of their songs there is this line: Barely cold in her grave, barely warm in my bed. Setling for a draw tonight. Puppet girl your strings are mine. That totaly inspired me to make this. It's supposed to be a girls controlled by an evil wizard. The make up and the nails of the wizard are shamelesly stolen from Fushigi Yugi. (Any one recognizes Tomo?)I worked really hard on this one so please comment.
and here;s another one.  hopefully I can color all of these and compile them with Photoshop
Well, its definitely been a while. Heres some fanart of Final Fantasy VIII's Squal Lionheart, drawn and inked by hand and painted in Photoshop.
The Raging Spaniard
I really like how Moru-Moso (the girl) turned out. :3 As for Kuri Kuri Meron (catboy)... eh... could've been better.
The background is totally not up to par. XD But I couldn't produce anything better. So for now, I'm satisfied with it. :3

Tell me what ya think!! :D (and if you have any critics stuff... don't do it too harshly... this did kinda take me... forever. ^^; )
Another practice piece. The poem is a translation of a Dutch poem I like, I translated it. I don't really like the pic. Haven't drawn in a while so I'm a bit rusty *_* I shouldn't have used those thick lines and her mouth is a bit off. I wonder what you guys think.
I'm a script writer, not a good artist. I mostly do profile sketches. I need a partner.
Sooraaaaaa ^^