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A girl I drew for photoshop coloring later on.
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Andalyn Van Hellsing A girl I drew for photoshop coloring later on.
Zeph 2007-10-19 21:17:48 looks good so far. i would have added a little more detail before fooling around in photoshop, but to each his own. can't wait to see it
Def Character 2007-10-21 08:05:53 Yup very good ^^ guess she will make detail using colours ^^
Andalyn Van Hellsing 2007-10-21 14:51:22 That was the plan. I thought that I might as well add the detail as I was coloring.
kandy_pish 2008-07-28 22:24:59 this looks like that girl from Fate Stay Night!! aqny way the eyes are cool and yeah i rather add details in photoshop.
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Random art
hey its finished! remember that sketch i did a few weeks ago? well here is the end results! what do you thinhk, would you go see the movie?
Dustin C.
here's a manga toned guy, i like him, could be some kind of freak immortal devil :)
i was bored.
it does not suggest anything.
Something done with only the mouse. A random girl, i think i'm gonna use it for my id. we'll see. Comment plze.
This is Hyde(any j-rock lover knows him). The reason this came to life was because it was the last day of school and Ryii-chan was very bored. She saw a very sexy picture of Hyde in a magazine and decide she must anime-fi him. I have no life so there was nothing else to do. This was my first real attempt at shading freehand. If it sucks so much your eyes burn in their sockets, forgive me please!

Manga Art
Another page from the first issue of Adventures of Yaz

Just messing on photoshop  with a scrap drawing.
Can't hide it any longer. I've been working on this one for quite some time now, trying to color it that is. I like how it worked out, although there are 'some' mistakes here and there. Anyways, plz crit it! The mecha-thinghy on the background is sorta like his ship, he crashed and now has to fix it. I'll upload the colored version too, but that's no way near completion yet....
Eye of the Tiger
hee, these two characters are from my funny story "magicstones" I hope you like it!!! do you like it??
Manga Art