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some warrior girl I made. just wanted to make a line art ^^ don't know if I'd color it though.
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SHIN some warrior girl I made. just wanted to make a line art ^^ don't know if I'd color it though.
gene 2007-10-14 16:35:51 that's my shin.. always using his photoshop penny tool^^ by the way.. that tool sucks.. u can't make line-art with that... can u?? 0_o or is dis e pentoel drowing? >:[]
SHIN 2007-10-14 17:29:22 hahaha XD
baby-marshmallow 2007-10-14 17:37:22 Very nice, sooooooo clean. You should definitely colour it.
Hajima 2007-10-14 18:52:19 Ah.... Yes as expected from my bro :D. Keep up the work. And yes color it XD
Def Character 2007-10-15 03:31:42 Shinster nitpicktime ^^: The ornament on top of and the hilt itself aren't centered. The point of the elbow might look better when placed behind the underarm. The whole pic could use some more flesh at the right sidet. If the cut of is intentonal it needs some bleed to cut down when printed. The whole outfit design looks good though...
Kheine 2007-10-15 04:38:34 color it now!
SHIN 2007-10-15 15:59:03 the funny thing is that I started randomly and didn't know what I was about to draw. eventually I drew something and it didn't turn out to fit on the A4 size XD
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Random art
Ugh >_< there's something about this one that I don't like but I can't put my finger on what it is O_O c&c please
1st done pg from my manga im starting sorry for the small size file was to large
Who could forget Eiko&Moogle from FFIX? Well, not everyone liked FF9 like I did T__T, and were already heading for FFXII, but these are characters from SquareEnix, I still like to draw ;). It's a sketch actually. It's reconized by the sketchy rough outlines. I cleaned up some of them. Anyway, the results were very pleasing. I know about the moogle design (his taildesign must be on top of his head), but I drew this all by head, so that's why I made that flaw. I drew Eiko many times in the last 3 years, but I think this one was worth uploading. The actual size is 1210x1754, but I hope you'll like it :). Feel free to comment.
I am now having really lame illness and can't sit on chair for too long >_<; So this pic took longer time to finish than usual. Anyway, I am so in The Lost Time mood. This time is Dazzle and Aenn, the two time keepers and the background is the Time Realm. -- Inked by Pilot G-tech, Colored by Photoshop 7.
character named holly in my comic...
Another christmas present for one of my friends. ^_^
Cover of my own manga =3
there is a story behind this pic, (too long to type). what i like of it: ahhh open canvas, the solution to all my background problems :D, yes i like the background, i like the colors too. what i dont like, i cant do horizontal nor vertical lines ??" , the floor wasnt supouse to look like that ??", oh i few things i have to say: 1- if you see this pic too bright is because my monitor is NOT sets very bright (i dont wanna to go blind before turning 21) 2- that thing she is holding is a hamburguer 3- this was a quick sketch and quick colorwork. C&C welcome =3
i have been working on this character for a while and i think i got it done prety good 

please leave comments telling me what you think of it
one of my fave anime character....*drum roll! Faye Valentine...the sexiest of them all...just like me...hehehehe ^_^'
I currently have eight crested geckos and decided to draw a dragon based on the species.  Ink, prismacolor marker, white ink.
0_o a happy piece from me... Dunno what got into me :P Anyways, sumthin to brighten up yur day ^^
Look it's Raguel!  Hope you don't mind me doing so... I just wanted to see how it looks like non sketchy. If you do mind just let me know and I will delete it ASAP ^^
Def Character
what do you guys think? i think theres something wrong with her head and eyes.