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some warrior girl I made. just wanted to make a line art ^^ don't know if I'd color it though.
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SHIN some warrior girl I made. just wanted to make a line art ^^ don't know if I'd color it though.
gene 2007-10-14 16:35:51 that's my shin.. always using his photoshop penny tool^^ by the way.. that tool sucks.. u can't make line-art with that... can u?? 0_o or is dis e pentoel drowing? >:[]
SHIN 2007-10-14 17:29:22 hahaha XD
baby-marshmallow 2007-10-14 17:37:22 Very nice, sooooooo clean. You should definitely colour it.
Hajima 2007-10-14 18:52:19 Ah.... Yes as expected from my bro :D. Keep up the work. And yes color it XD
Def Character 2007-10-15 03:31:42 Shinster nitpicktime ^^: The ornament on top of and the hilt itself aren't centered. The point of the elbow might look better when placed behind the underarm. The whole pic could use some more flesh at the right sidet. If the cut of is intentonal it needs some bleed to cut down when printed. The whole outfit design looks good though...
Kheine 2007-10-15 04:38:34 color it now!
SHIN 2007-10-15 15:59:03 the funny thing is that I started randomly and didn't know what I was about to draw. eventually I drew something and it didn't turn out to fit on the A4 size XD
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sad -_-
this is an elf.. I think...I was inspired by a photo in a magazzine, and I wanted to make it some diferent... I'm not good making shadows efects, that's why I make it with plane colors

Heh, even though I messed this one up, I kinda like it ..... just a little bit XP
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look! a creature ^^, i think he is cute, and i am still trying to manage bright colors . Let see .. what i like in this pic: 1- that skull he is holding on his hands. 2- his funny smile. 3- the colorwork on the claws. 4- the outfit <3 ..... now what i dont like: 1- me having a terrible headache >_< 2- after making the pic only 100 kb the skull is almost invisible 3- the fire, i cant draw fire (yet) 4- sorry i forgot to draw his right hand's fingers. 5- purple color is too bright, but i love purple. 6- the idea is not very original =/  ..... anyway ^-^ please comments are welcome ^-^
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Wolf's Rain, Episode 09: Don't make me Blue....
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