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some warrior girl I made. just wanted to make a line art ^^ don't know if I'd color it though.
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SHIN some warrior girl I made. just wanted to make a line art ^^ don't know if I'd color it though.
gene 2007-10-14 16:35:51 that's my shin.. always using his photoshop penny tool^^ by the way.. that tool sucks.. u can't make line-art with that... can u?? 0_o or is dis e pentoel drowing? >:[]
SHIN 2007-10-14 17:29:22 hahaha XD
baby-marshmallow 2007-10-14 17:37:22 Very nice, sooooooo clean. You should definitely colour it.
Hajima 2007-10-14 18:52:19 Ah.... Yes as expected from my bro :D. Keep up the work. And yes color it XD
Def Character 2007-10-15 03:31:42 Shinster nitpicktime ^^: The ornament on top of and the hilt itself aren't centered. The point of the elbow might look better when placed behind the underarm. The whole pic could use some more flesh at the right sidet. If the cut of is intentonal it needs some bleed to cut down when printed. The whole outfit design looks good though...
Kheine 2007-10-15 04:38:34 color it now!
SHIN 2007-10-15 15:59:03 the funny thing is that I started randomly and didn't know what I was about to draw. eventually I drew something and it didn't turn out to fit on the A4 size XD
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Random art
Just a fast sketch to get back on paper again so I kept it simple, but my gf liked it and asked me to finish it, so expect a finished version soon.
hehe urban style.. I made yis in taking a capuccino with a friend
me myself and i, drawn again...
Nintendo fan art, the clothing is messed up, i was to lazy to copie the dress-thing. The one on the left is Peach, and on the right is Daisy.
@_@; Uuuuum...randomness...felt like drawing a slightly gay-ish guy xDDDD
One more time i come with my lack of comical abilities... hope you like this one :3
picture of one of my teachers at school. i gave him the original sketch and he said he wanted a color-job too. his name isn't Doug, but he worked on the animated tv show. it's an inside joke.
Dustin C.
Well here is the drawing I love!
The drawing it self took only like an haf hour, but the coloring took 5 hours.
His loyalty was questioned  … and his trial was set … … “kill the one who love the most to prove your loyalty to your master and regain your honor… or die as traitor ”. She said how much she loves him … … and that it would be all right to die  … he knows he want be able to live without her … but he only knows the way of the warrior  … tonight he will draw his sword for the last time
Probably doesn't need to be marked as mature, but whatever. It's better to be safe, right?

Anywiz, look! Moar Pokemon anthros! 8D Woo! I'm not too fond of Suicune, but I do like Raikou's pose and my cloring on Entei. :3 I'm happy with this overall.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! a monster ooo i draws it eh he....he 6^^
pencil no jutsu
Finally...i made it...i drawn Kenshin Himura second of my favorite anime character. i guess it really depends on your mood, because i was able to o draw and color it for less than an hour without eraser..whoa!!!i hope you'll add comments and i did satisfy kenshin's fans out there...i guess. thanks and i know i stil can draw perfectly the hands. in viewing this..try to look by afar because i appreciate it more when afar. hehehe.....i used pentel oil pastel in coloring my work. thank you again...muwah
he is just a person wich came out of a dark hole . And now he is just looking for ....well for you I guess