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kung fu tiger
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pencil no jutsu kung fu tiger
SHIN 2007-10-13 09:23:41 so... where is his kung fu? :p
Kaizu 2007-10-13 10:02:19 Didn't you notice the kung-fu arms comming out of the back of his head ? :P
pencil no jutsu 2007-10-13 10:18:02 XD
SHIN 2007-10-13 13:19:58 XD hahaha
Merink 2007-12-18 12:12:39 sweeet, it would be awsome if you colored it
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Going on with the non violence drawing here. It's always weird how my original ideas seem to turn out to something different, like this.
Something done with only the mouse. A random girl, i think i'm gonna use it for my id. we'll see. Comment plze.

looking around my backup, I found this old one. I know is some confusing, but I like in this way. the character have six wings, two near to the legs, and four in the back. two of them have birds in their tops, turning their tails into wings. the last pair have some details of bat wings, but this is almost imperceptible.
I put this under line-art , not coloured , because I just used some fluo markers on I said , I want a cg-coloured line-art of my character..but that's just gonna be a dream forever...must improve now...
Dark Paladin from Yuugi-oh.  Jeff Amano did such a bad job I did my own.  Published in #17 of the Yuugi-oh Beckett.  ^_^
i fixed the head. it's finally done. what do you think?
this is a samurai girl i got the idea from a bock i read hope you like it
pencil no jutsu
Its a navi from the movie 'Avatar'
The fairy of math. She's saying, "I am the fairy of math. Yes, THE fairy of math, though I am thousands of years old, I still look great. Do your fractions or get smacked." And the chibi of me (top) is saying," Kill her, I hate math." But the bottom chibi, my math teacher is saying," NUUU SILLY! You gots to LOVE math~!"
Happy 4th of July! i drew this kinda sideways on the paper D: sorry lol. anyways i think everyone who's ever drawn has tried the old "too lazy to draw the other eye" yeah i kinda was just like, okeday i'll make him into a pirate. ^_^ scurvey eh? just plain old pencil...mechanical >< ik we're not "supposed to" use mechanical but i never use normal if i can help it. im more comfortable with mechanical and i don't see any difference. with mechanical i can vary the darkness of the line just as well as switching pencil types =\
It's my mate Meedy, with me as a fairy! I want that hat!
She- Blue