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hye again! just practicing, its not my character or anything but i read a tutorial by a pro.
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Dustin C. hye again! just practicing, its not my character or anything but i read a tutorial by a pro.
Shinfate 2007-10-09 12:02:22 his Delta muscle looks like a shield or some kind of armor XD now that I think of it, his torso does too. anyway very cool =) I wouldn't want to meet HIM on the street XD I think he'd eat my heart out while I'm screaming for toothpaste >=O
Kaizu 2007-10-12 09:03:08 You need to use more shades and less contrast.. now they still look like thick lines too much in my opinion :) Nice tutorial though.
hyro 2007-10-29 01:35:14 Wow! That is nice! More practices and you'll improve a lot....Thanks for reading my tutorial.
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Random art
Sasuke-kun doing Chidori!
don'tmind the hands and feet they're badly done I know , just wanted to make a cool pose , the hand behind him is supposed to be a wave in a hand-shape...

this is a picture of a guy my friend and I saw downtown.... IM NOT A STALKER!!! ok so... we were trying to explin what he looks like to a friend but we couldnt do it, so i just drew him instead. it kinda looks like  him... ~~done with a pencil and a ball-point pen, those things on his chin are peircings... they kinda dont look like it.
fairies!! :D also 3 or 4 years old
this is another leperd girl i drew for my cusin i hope im not breaking the rules though sorry if i am. oh and u can c improvment from the lst leperd girl i drew ^-^
tried to draw someone in a different age group - she still turned out looking a little older than I hoped.
Drew a female in the style i draw guys with full shading. Inspired from a photo. Drawn when i should have done other things. Took a long time. Thoughts?
Ghehehe, Right now it is Ramadan. We can start eating around 20:00. So all i could think about was food :P well comments are welcome
Royal Icing pg 53, now in print on and online at
I made this picture a while back, but I just got my Wacom Tablet so I wanted to try it out.... (sorry Raps ) so I colored it!
This picture is censored for our younger viewers...

I stil do feel like its missing something....

*Bows down 2 the tablet*
TABLETS RULE!!! (I colored it in 7 hours)
<p align="left">
<b>A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009! ^_^</b>
This image is dedicated to Gabriel DeVue. I took Garla Lambert and Selt Brander out of the context and drew them in japanese costumes, because I admire the pattern and shapes on these fabrics so much and I love to lose myself into drawing details. I really want to get better at drawing kimono patterns.^_^
That's an illustration of my manga GOTT GAUSS. You can read it online for free here: <a href=""></a>
Outlines: black fineliner (Copic) 0,05 mm<br>
Medium: Tria-marker, indian ink, watercolour, coloured fineliners<br>
Paper: watercolour; 250g/m², 21 x 22,5 cm<br>
Time: 11½ h<br>
<a href=""></a>
another drawing of me , added some extra dynamic speedlines as reguested
Here's a picture of my gf =)I had alot of fun making this