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hye again! just practicing, its not my character or anything but i read a tutorial by a pro.
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Dustin C. hye again! just practicing, its not my character or anything but i read a tutorial by a pro.
Shinfate 2007-10-09 12:02:22 his Delta muscle looks like a shield or some kind of armor XD now that I think of it, his torso does too. anyway very cool =) I wouldn't want to meet HIM on the street XD I think he'd eat my heart out while I'm screaming for toothpaste >=O
Kaizu 2007-10-12 09:03:08 You need to use more shades and less contrast.. now they still look like thick lines too much in my opinion :) Nice tutorial though.
hyro 2007-10-29 01:35:14 Wow! That is nice! More practices and you'll improve a lot....Thanks for reading my tutorial.
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Random art
Sakura Kasugano. 2nd time I made a collage of her on MWS. But this one looks a lot better than the other one. These were all sketches. I just gave them a colortint to make it enjoyeble to watch. It's Sakura playing GBA, looking sexy and Hadoukenning :)
I always end up drawing things like this ^^"
a small scene from my #1 ff, dream of destruction: satoshi has finaly excepted krad and that's a good reason for my fave angel to cry. I'm working hard on the chapter with this scene in it. for the rest of the story, go to: Satoshi and Krad are from DN Angel
I know it's ugly , but Dustin C. asked us to put our very first oekaki on the site...^^
Well, this is my first drawing ever of Ryoko. I didn't want to edit this one, so I just kept it the way it was scanned. (As you can see I've used this pic for my avatar) I've drawn her because of all the emotion that she holds... I just felt down and I drew this.
A quick concept sketch of a character I'm working on for a friend of mine.
For Def C, cause his artwork rocks. I tried to stick with a paint style that complemented the artstyle the best.
i know this aint manga, but i hope its ok anyway...

so i was asked by a friend from a metal band to draw something for their upcoming show ya now... so i made this... whaha fagy story... I NEVER DRAWN MONSTERS AND GORE STUFF BEFORE so this is like the first time please comment!
Izabel Tempest, my newest character. [:
this is my first time drawing in pen hope you like it.
Another boredom-induced self portrait. Hai guys.
this one i made for the cdcover of my electro/industrial project 'hexabit' but i'm not really happy with the way it turned out..i hope you gys like it anyway!