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i draw this with my nieuw markers
i hope jou think its nice b^^
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pencil no jutsu i draw this with my nieuw markers i hope jou think its nice b^^
Def Character 2007-09-24 02:50:55 Heh new markers kinda make you want to draw ^^ very nice b^^
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Random art
i finally found some time to contine this drawing well now i only have to add a bg and some special effects :P and maby ill work the line art away whit some colors ^^ well injoy

ps. should i change the color of the vlag ???
A character for a manga I'm working on.
hey all! this is for the Homage Project going on in the forums here:
if you want to join the next one, go check it out!
Dustin C.
I'm trying to make a story again, but this is a doodle of some chara's i want to use. I actually don't have names for them and Kesuke was just made up ^^;;
I havent posted in awhile..
I just felt like trying to draw someone fighting for a change. What do you think?
Oh gawdd... i have been a sleeping vampire here in mws. I hope everyones still awake. I missed this place aloooot!! Im just gonna post some collection of what i've been doing these past years...
I still have a few things to add, like her computer table and stuff, but I have an incredible urge to start inking,and I want to know if you guys see any huge mistakes in it. >_>
My random characters, Nina and Young Raven... shes pregnant, yaaaay ^__^
This drawing speaks by itself, as they see is a CATBOY that tangle in its own ball
a girl knight...
Comments Plz ^0^ ok, i know his head is kinda floating in the middle of nowhere and i wished i could change it...other than that i kinda like it =] so anyways i was aiming for kinda...mischevious O_o
I'm not very good at drawing hands, and something doesn't seem right about this picture. Strange proportions maybe... Comments anybody?
Andalyn Van Hellsing
A really old drawing of my manga hawk cyborg character, the Ikarus-4. 
It was done last year, so I can see a lot of mistakes prevalent. I'll upload some new work soon :)