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Rondom sketching. I have been doing that a lot more then actual drawings. *sigh*
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Def Character Rondom sketching. I have been doing that a lot more then actual drawings. *sigh*
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-09-11 08:20:43 NIce :)
Shinfate 2007-09-11 11:03:34 what's with the ant head? XD
Def Character 2007-09-11 12:23:48 Just warped imagination 6^^
Zeph 2007-09-11 23:52:04 i like em. still, i havent seen you do hardcore drawing for quite some time now. it'd be a nice change
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Random art
Space Cat - sometime 2000 or 2001
Hey all, this isn't manga, I apologize. This is a current project of mine. I'm making a Star Wars mod for Unreal Tournament 2004. This is for all u star wars fans out there ; a Stormtrooper :)
Its probally been over 3 months since i last drew a picture. finally pick up the pencil or should i say the mechanical pencil after so long to draw a picture.
and here is another shot of kaiju

uchiha sasuke. sorry for the lame pose
@_@; Uuuuum...randomness...felt like drawing a slightly gay-ish guy xDDDD
I'm aware of the fact that I already uploaded this once, but since it has to be read
with the next gag (This one is really only the title) I just took the liberty in doing so.
finally finished.  I probably should have taken more time with the metal armor, but I got tired of repainting so I hid most in the shadows ;).
sketch of an uppercut, I'm also studying the structure of muscles, so I used reference
Me; as a mage
another character i came up for my manga-collab. she's a knight. katana shinketsu (c) emerson tung
a strip in dutch made with photo shop
ok guys, i swear, this is it. Her final design, i am no longer changing her evvveeeer again. I think i will do one for each character, fun stuff

what cha think