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what do you think NOW? HUH!?
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Caffeine what do you think NOW? HUH!?
Def Character 2007-09-08 22:18:48 Heh it looks very good Caffeine b^^d
Dustin C. 2007-09-09 10:20:49 cool pants! ^_^
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Random art
A character that represent my personality in my story
... ...
i really like to draw this demon from the side and the hair.
and another of dante...
Limit Control Special 1....the first special I made for the german fans of the manga... it's a Valentine Special... app. 12 pages long and it's more a funny manga, of Ken, who try to make a cake ^__^; 
Well... this is the cover I made... let me see it's fromm 2002... means 2 years old... my there are a lot of mistakes in it, but I like Shongos sweet face so much (the smaller boy)
Manga Art
Manga Art
I like this one very much her name is bubble and that's all the is to tell about her ^^
Hi!! \(^-^)/ been busy with school, but finally holiday has arrived!! From now on I will draw a lot more, XD 5 min drawing, and it's a boy/elf with long hair XD
"Twinkle twinkle little star..." Anyway, long overdue I present: a work in progress. As you can see I still have to do quite a bit (everything on the right) but I wanted to be sure about the lighting. Also, the star he's "holding". Kinda ran into a dead end there and I dun't know what else to do with it ||_|| So: suggestions? Errors? Mistakes? desperately needing critiques!
This is one of the first I ever made, it's just a simple draw.
well just a very quick drawing to test my new color pens I know it's kinda messy sorry about that ^^'  watcha think?
fanart for chico:D (old drawing hihi)
 Trying to get myself out of this damned artist block I am having.