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more color practice. and first atempt at drawing a plushie. also tried something new with the line art. Hope it's oké. enjoy!
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Uezurii more color practice. and first atempt at drawing a plushie. also tried something new with the line art. Hope it's oké. enjoy!
Def Character 2007-09-04 08:23:57 How co me you can imagine the shade following te curves of the hair and a bit less in the other shapes?? The overall picis very cute though ^^
WOLF 2007-09-04 10:20:36 yay its so cute !! ^^ .. no one really seems to feel like commenting lately >.> too bad..
Nagashiwa 2007-09-04 13:02:34 it's damn cute!!
yurusanzo 2007-09-04 14:21:50 cute indeed (i hate using that word but i cant help it) XD
Lozz 2007-09-04 14:33:54 I agree with the others, this is very cute indeed !! X3
Wicked_Lady 2007-09-04 17:38:27 Omg, it looks like a squirrel! Did they get to you? Are you alright? Man, they're everywhere O.o; I.. I.. *faints*
Caffeine 2007-09-05 00:06:40 it has a cape!? the color is very smooth!
Kimiko 2007-09-05 02:17:54 AAhh so cute! I want that plushie !! ^0^
Def Character 2007-09-07 14:28:50 This cute wheeee ^^
Def Character 2007-09-07 14:32:00 Uezurii My daughter made the above comment with my account by mistake 6^^
Def Character 2007-09-07 14:32:36 Her name is Muru Kitty XD
pencil no jutsu 2007-09-07 15:27:36 cool i want to pook it X3 its kawaii
baby-marshmallow 2007-09-18 17:18:32 Indeed very cute. You just wanna' squeeze him.
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Random art

i've been working
on this for a long while~~

i've been thinking about getting it published, but then i wouldn't want to give my self-consciousness cause to panic by giving a damn~~lol
anyway, this project is called ‰º–k‘ò‚ɁuƒIƒ„ƒXƒ~v‚Á‚ÄŒ¾‚Á‚Ä‚ ‚°‚éB softly encroaching upon becoming a self portrait of the panicky year i've had.
i won't put up the whole thing, because it's still not finished, and i've still yet to put the text in it. the content becomes quite ambiguous and then it just becomes a "staring at pictures" situation...which i'm sorry about, considering i don't deserve to be amongst you all, but i've wanted to share with you guys for so long, so i apologize for any frustration due to my poor talent.

it does read from right to left like standard asian publications. talk to me anytime^^
This was done in ballpoints during one of the many boring days on my job....where I can draw. Jay! I hope you can give some C&C on this since I wish to improve a lot. I know the shoulders are way too large...I always draw them like this >_<
Quickie like in 30 minutes...

ehm...Think this drawing in 50% of hardwork´... i draw a bit better anyway...
Sketch of my cyber-babe sherrif. Is it big enough?
XD  I hope you like it
The Cover of the current and first volumne of my manga that I'm working on!!!see it at.
and here;s another one.  hopefully I can color all of these and compile them with Photoshop
1st done pg from my manga im starting sorry for the small size file was to large
Long time no penciling, now I know why I went CG again...
Def Character
Drawing is definitely one of the better ways to relieve stress.. Here's another one in the godmode series..

Something finished finally. Too bad most of the detail lost when i made it smaller. As you can see i love light girly colors ^^. I hope someone likes it.