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well its a big new fad over at that its called a 'Pixel ID'" title="well its a big new fad over at that "other" art community, so i'll share the fruits of my labor here. ^_^
its called a 'Pixel ID'" style="max-width: 800px; width: expression(this.width > 800 ? 800 : true);">
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Dustin C. well its a big new fad over at that "other" art community, so i'll share the fruits of my labor here. ^_^
its called a 'Pixel ID'
Def Character 2007-09-03 00:46:32 LOL b^_^d Be afraid be very afraid!
WOLF 2007-09-03 09:38:10 cool =D i love those big hands XD what font did you use??
yurusanzo 2007-09-04 14:28:25 nice one dustin
Wicked_Lady 2007-09-04 17:48:13 hehe, lol. Me likes =3
pencil no jutsu 2007-09-07 15:33:23 i think its cool 6^^.....
Kaizu 2007-10-12 09:13:34 haha nice. I like the background.. color that one :D
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Elf sketch I did at... four in the morning (or maybe five... Can't remember).
Fanart of Samurai Deeper Kyo's Izumo No Okuni. I've been working on this every now and then for about a month now. It feels good to get back to at least a little bit of anime. Comments?
A semi-realistic piece of my character Aki-kun^^.. althou he looks too much like a girl. comment please . domo.
AAAAHHHHH Look aT thIs h0w nIce  :P
forgot to mention yesterday.. those other two posts... i did the coloring in painter IX. i had just installed it yesterday and wanted to try it out. those were my first two attempts this is my surprising myself... really didn't know i culd color this well. luvin painter!! also... aphrodite bout the messup with germaine... actually i was randomly looking for sketches to color... in didn't know much bout the character. this one is colored by me ..artist unknown.

Fancy meeting you here!
Emily wanders...
from Royal Icing graphic novel
here are those plushies screen toned
Winter in Chicago. (It was the worst)
I just loovee elfs ^_^ I wanted to make an elf standing behind a tree in the forest :o here it is :)
I suppose i'm getting better at photoshop.
here I am with another line art ^^ I'm going to color her in the future