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i draw sam bleah stuff b^^d!!!!!
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pencil no jutsu i draw sam bleah stuff b^^d!!!!!
pencil no jutsu 2007-09-01 13:40:58 i draw sam bleach stuff i mean 6^^
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Da-Volt is Da-Seth's brother model and because of his smaller frame he lacks power, but has a hell of alot of speed. This is a very early work of mine, but still one of my proudest!
A vehicle ship I designed for one of my comics. Also ooolld!!!!!
Wannabe Frog. I love frogs ^_^
Ow, and this is the style I draw in now a days. It's not really typical manga, but it still looks a bit like it. I'm trying to create my own style.
Royal Icing pg 53, now in print on and online at
Hi! This was supposed to be Snow White in the dark forest, but now its just a girl in a dress.. I will finish it sometime later when i have time ^^;;;
(ow sorry about the bad quality, i used paint to reduce the size because not so long ago this computer was dead, so i have to put some decent programs on it)
Sorry because of the blue pencil drawning but I only had this pen when I was visiting my grandma...|-)
relaxing is the title.

I like this drawing the most. =3
so what do you think?
I hope you like it!!

Miyavi 4ever^____^
i likey his hair :D
Elf sketch I did at... four in the morning (or maybe five... Can't remember).
It's been a while huh?
Here's a little something :3
The many forms of Sora!!!
Colored in Photoshop.
Enjoy ^-^
hi there this is my christmas boy.
heres it in colour ^-^ id like to thank kioshi for showing me an errer witch was stoping me from getting better