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Well its a guy in the Naruto ninja theme (I know he looks a bit young tobe a ninja!)
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Bakorlon Well its a guy in the Naruto ninja theme (I know he looks a bit young tobe a ninja!)
Def Character 2007-08-31 08:55:40 Guess this one is extremly talented ^^ Keep ,m coming ^^
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Random art
A few weeks ago I went to the's concert in 'Het Paard'. It was such a cool concert, but the coolest thing of it was when 'Ronnie' the lead singer came on stage and asked.. well click the thumb and see for yourself. ;)
This one I like the most of all The shit I've uploaded just jet ;)
Kirin again :3 one of my characters.
owh well, I just finished my art. here it is.
Izabel Tempest, my newest character. [:
I should have quit while i was ahead......................................
justgot open canvas VER4 PLUS
frist picture i did in it 
any way i am back every thing got worked out  so i am back
and here the colored averege guy :D
Hi, long time no see^^.
This is my latest ID at deviantart. It represents my latest hairdo. Hope you like it ^^
its not finnished yet but anyhows have alook  i pritty proud of this cause a suck at BG's and this aint to bad ^^ 
hopeyall like it 
this is the cover of my naruto doujin which i never finished :)
My very first picture that was drawn on large size paper (11 X 17 Inches). This picture is actually drawn for...... ^^;; Public Speaking class. I'd got to speech about teaching something, so I thought I can speech about how to draw anime character. So I drew this pic out for example, but in the end, I was so nervous that I didn't have the courage to show it to everyone  ^^;;;
So here I am... uploading some REALLY old shit *giggle* ^^
... ...