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more practice cuz i need it :(
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yurusanzo more practice cuz i need it :(
yurusanzo 2007-08-26 00:44:23 lets see... further developing my own style, detail, hands, coloring... ill just cut it short and say i suck and wish to get better :)
Def Character 2007-08-26 06:17:27 Nontheless have you already gotten your own style what is very pretty to look at. Keep m coming ^^
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Random art
Jamie Narwhal and Beatrice. [: My two female characters. Jamie's the one on the left, Beatrice on the right. I was reluctant to color with copics because my new sketchbook paper is sooo thin--that's why it's in colored pencils. Anywho. Enjoy. ;D
This is my latest pic, all the rest I   submitted were recent, but few months   old. Pictures are taking longer and   longer to finish... is this a good   sign??? O_o

Prismacolor markers and pencils on   Bristol. A scene of two boys playing   with whatever they have. ^_^; The boy in   the front looks extremely like one of   the other boy I have in my gallery,   wasn't intended, but even the clothes   are the same...
Some of you want to know. I'm writing a story (actually two, a sci-fi and a fantasy story) and these are some of the characters from those stories.  This is the Wraith-Doll from the fantasy story.
peace man!!
This is my cameleon, I made it just jet
Im on this virgue to make non-violent drawings, i dont know why. I just want to make less violent stuff.

This is the second one which contains no blood, guns or anything. Just came in mind this morning when i woke up.

See more at!
Did this for a friend of mine. Visit me at for more!
Hola!! Tanto tiempo sin vernos MWS!!
I wanted to draw a gothic lolita styled character. And... I did. ;P
after al those years and lazyniss its finaly i got the lineart finnished from this thing (happy now dark cloud :P) well anyone up for the coloring because i probly have my colored version ready i about a year XD. ow i tried to give him more muscules but that didn't realy work -_- well anyway C&C are welcome
my manga-nized version of cyclops.
A sketch i drew of yoruichi, i thought it came out rather nice. Her hands and her right leg needs sum work but other than that it's kool
Hi, long time no see^^.
This is my latest ID at deviantart. It represents my latest hairdo. Hope you like it ^^

A thank you to all who watch my galleries and journals! Done in photoshop and open canvas.