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more practice cuz i need it :(
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yurusanzo more practice cuz i need it :(
yurusanzo 2007-08-26 00:44:23 lets see... further developing my own style, detail, hands, coloring... ill just cut it short and say i suck and wish to get better :)
Def Character 2007-08-26 06:17:27 Nontheless have you already gotten your own style what is very pretty to look at. Keep m coming ^^
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Random art
vash!!!ohh...yeah!!!! my favorite!!!!
i really like the consept, but its a really old pic.. i think im gonna redraw it, so hopefully you'll be able to see it soon!    used pencil crayons
Line-art this time for backrounds... horray

50-60mins while rewatching code geass...
Just reposting some of my older stuff...
Whoo! i have finaly finshed my coloured picture of Rin! It takes me ages to colour on photoshop, this is probably the best coloured picture i have done so far. Now im off to finsh my next photoshop picture.
ok guys, i swear, this is it. Her final design, i am no longer changing her evvveeeer again. I think i will do one for each character, fun stuff

what cha think
recently, SquareEnix had a contest where you could redesign their characters giving them a different job class that wasnt in the game "Final Fantasy X-2" so, being pretty enthusiastic about it i came up with these 2 designs, the foreground one is the geomancer yuna and the one in the back is the calculator/schoolgirl yuna. lets just see how hard the people at square laugh when they see the return address ;)
The Raging Spaniard
finally i can post some new art 
here is another page from my sketch book brand new yaa
comments are wecome 
ps. which one of these characters shuold i color 
u tell me
yeah I decided to go old fashioned and just color with pencils :)
Story and Characters by me. Background and shading by my roommate

this is a drawing i did on paint tool sai about a year ago, i usually just like to use it for profile pictures
aki hajime
wow, this is probably one of the most time-consuming oekakis I've done yet.  Five hours @_@  probably because I was using a different board than normal and the controls were screwing me up >_>  anyway, random cat girl person...with a strange little puffball thingie @_@  just don't ask ._.
Eye of the Tiger