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just random practice out of bordom cause i havent drawn in a while
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yurusanzo just random practice out of bordom cause i havent drawn in a while
Uezurii 2007-08-25 21:38:44 pretty nice style you got there
Def Character 2007-08-26 06:15:19 Still you managed to get something up 6^^ Nice to have ya back
Shinfate 2007-08-27 04:12:38 I thought you wanted to use my characters pose for something :p
yurusanzo 2007-08-27 21:47:20 i did, i just never posted it...
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Random art
This one is really old, but it still has some elements I like. It was an illustration for a friend of his character. He wanted it to look like she lived in a very small house that wasn't built for a person of her height, but I think I may have overdone it a bit.

Yeah, I drew this at my friend Katie's house. Other than her wings, I think it turned out okay. I cut off her feet when I scanned it because they turned out bad. But yeh.
A MSN Doodle I quickly lined and colored. Kept it simple...and I kinda like the simple style, haha~ enjoy
( bad quality once again. but once more im working on it.
tried to be simple :D
Another futuristic char design. I'll probably never use it anywhere. =D
Ah, dreams can be so nice.
This is a picture of a werewolf that I drew. I think it looks cool but i just don't like the way the tail came out
Another attempt of giftart. Please help me to choose which one is better -- Inked by Rapidograph, color by Photoshop 7
a work in progress.
yoko from tengen toppa gurren lagann.
Dustin C.

work in progress ... one of many. yeah i know, the frog animal thingy looks wrong <.< >.> ... i dont really know what to do with this pic, it needs something cooler somewhere, i dont know what =/ any idea are welcome. xox
Hello, all! It's me Raguel, I changed my name to Avaeccus because I use the name literally everywhere else. I also deleted a lot of my old art(from 75 to 6 drawings). Time to start anew!
Hello mws. Long time dudes...

This is Spiderman fanart. Blackcat is the babe... If you know me then you know I hate bg's... but still working on doing good bg's... It's really uncool of me not being around here anymore, but thats because the cool old folks aint around here either it seems. Like Deetris and AIKUZA och other lovely old mws members... gonna try be more active