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WOLF Me_These_Days
Def Character 2007-08-21 07:14:14 Nice pixeling ^^ What are you smoking there Wolfie ?
WOLF 2007-08-21 10:13:50 the good stuff XD (Y)
ukkie 2007-08-21 15:42:55 I agree with Def ^__^ I also really like the pose, great self portrait ^_~
yurusanzo 2007-08-25 20:36:58 the good stuff can mean anything -.-'... well as long as it doesnt give you ashy lips :P nice pic btw
Icy_Penguigo 2007-08-31 19:17:58 Hot.
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Random art
Pages 7 and 8 of Chapter 6 AOY yay =D
i wanted to draw a crazy looking dark wizard who looks like hes off his rocker
Clowning Around!!
Dustin C.
Havent uploaded in a while, here's something quickly done for a project. Environment impression for a game level (think UT/quake). Feels like it's missing something, its driving me nuts >.<
EDIT: Designs. Gonna redo the top when I have the time.
a friend of mine ones had a dream about this scene and I just HAD to draw it! aren't they cute!?^^ (to bad they don't have wings in the real fic)
felana (girl) and regh (boy) are honored lavositian kick-assers from Link ©

an egg of some kind... =]
i was just kind of trying out coloring in Corel 3
...yes 3 D:
Line art practise... 6^^
Def Character
this pic is not finished yet but chico wanted me to put someting on here so...
Tralala another sketch of my character Drahk (originally known as Drahkernym but decided to shorten his name). Ignore the awful hand. I gave up after like a bazillion times. It looks like he's playing a guitar or something xDDD
Haven't posted anything in decades again. This one quick colour work I did to try to train myself in that department since I feel I'm severly lacking there. In colouring that is.
done in art class with some photoshop edit
What the %$# is this!? I don't even really know But I like it especially(or a word that's looks similar to it/my english s#cks) the red light