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I was practising my new art program and this is the result b^.^d (ps pleas command my art)
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pencil no jutsu I was practising my new art program and this is the result b^.^d (ps pleas command my art)
Wicked_Lady 2007-08-19 14:36:34 Very muscular. He kinda looks like Fate =P I like it, but it's very sad, though.. Keep practicing =)
Def Character 2007-08-19 15:06:46 I couldn't do that at his age b^^d
Zeph 2007-08-19 23:41:02 woah. for your age, that's amazing. I'm not sure if people have 8-packs...but his arm is NICE. congrats on that. the shape and shading is dead on
pencil no jutsu 2007-08-20 06:24:23 ok thanks X3
yurusanzo 2007-08-25 20:39:35 junior getting better by the second :O
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Random art
-----------[[[UPDATED]]]-----------  >_> sorry i have been gone for so long again. Anyway, here is a little drawing i just finished. Basically what i wanted to practice was large objects, in this case the tank xD but i did it too small and i doesnt seem like one x.x and his eyes are too apart
Here's Hideo again. Made of bodyparts from different Kazahana family members.
Coloring in progress for first sketch I uploaded.  This was done back in April 2006... and then I just kinda abandoned it <_<; (scanned lineart, color in photoshop)
this is the freaky soul reaper from Bleach
Naruto fanart. Im happy wth this pic, because i made this with only the mouse. I made it without sketch or somthing, i made the it all "step by step"... ^^
Night elf hunter inspired by World of Warcraft
Well, having been sick for quite a while, I pulled out my .hack DVDs (all 2 of them *sniffle*)  and the entire time I'm fairly sure I was lying on the couch thinking to myself "Wow, Subaru is so pretty~"  So, naturally, I had to comee sketchy sketch a pic of her <3
this is my brother
the guys are my characters in my strips. i made it with Photoshop
Hey, my first art that i'm uploading. please go easy on me. :P

this image create bn painter8
hamid ghalijari
My first P.N.03 Art. I guess many of you don't know the game. But it's a cool game if you like shoot em ups ;). it's all done in PhotoShop, with mouse again. I like the style of it. The girl (Vanessa) is the leadplayer of the game. The mecha's are enemies offcourse. I tried to create the common graphic leveldesign you see in the game. Since it's all done with mouse by head, some perspective views may be wrong, but I really like this art. I'll do one again tonight, when she enters the last boss. For the folks that have played the game. Any ideas of defeating the last boss? Cause it sickens me...-__-. but I hope you'll like this art.
yay bit old Ral fan-art i found :D i ussually dont do fanart but i like this one ^^
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