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Outlines: brown china ink
Medium: TRIA Pantone Marker, watercolor
Background: watercolor, acryl
Paper type: watercolor; 250g/m2
Size: DIN A3
Time: 20 h
Artist Description
Viviane Outlines: brown china ink Medium: TRIA Pantone Marker, watercolor Background: watercolor, acryl Paper type: watercolor; 250g/m2 Size: DIN A3 Time: 20 h
Def Character 2007-08-18 16:25:18 Pro job nuff said b^^d
Kimiko 2007-08-18 16:26:34 Too beautiful!!^0^
Moose 2007-08-18 22:10:25 Wonderfully done! The hair and clothes' patterns seem especially amazing to me. Yay for you!
Wicked_Lady 2007-08-19 12:06:15 And another masterpiece by Viviane. I just adore all your work. Beautiful, just beautiful..
pencil no jutsu 2007-08-19 13:47:29 it looks verry good. bud if you ask my the hips should be a little bit larger.
WOLF 2007-08-21 12:28:17 oh my GOD XD
Glenny Boy 2007-08-24 03:48:27 Very Professional. But yes, in 1 word... Beautiful!
prata 2011-03-31 08:38:16 Fantastic. Nice work.
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Random art
Drew my friend. She looked sad, so i added tears.
Zydrate Robber
It's been sooooo long since I've last drawn and am sooooooo rusty, lmao.
So yea, a nude version of the picture I'm planning to draw. All that is left is to take my tablet and add in the hair, outfits, weapons, accessories, etc. XP
Poster Animecon2007 of Slovakia
/// Outlines: black feltpen 'COPIC - Multi Liner' 0,05 mm 
/// Medium: TRIA-marker, aquarell 
/// Paper type: offset; 200g/m2 
/// Size: DIN A3 (29,7 x 42 cm) 
/// Time: 18 h 
Remember that black and white eva pic I uploaded a while ago? Well this is the finished sketch. Line art coming up in a moment..
Hey MWS! After a month or two of being talentless, I'm finally posting something. ^^;; I've noticed that the people around MWS lately have been getting better and better... hope I don't disappoint. This peice here took me about 12 hours to do... those trees killed my time. ><;; I drew this on paper, scanned it, then gave it life with Photoshop CS and my tablet. I got very lazy when it came to the ground... but I wasn't so sure what I should do with it. ^^;; Anyway, hope you like it. For better quality;
starting to not hate photoshop
Long time no see ey? ^_^
Just a drawing of a girl, still practising a lot.
This is, like, the most random thing ever.

Was talking to a friend about this role-playing game we're starting, and then all of a sudden this character that I'd never met before jumped up and said "ooh!  I wanna play!" and I was all "oholyshitwheredidyoucomefrom?!"  (okay, so I'm not quite sane.  Role-playing does things to you, something along the lines of schizophrenia or MPD.  I'm unsure which is more applicable.  Anyway).

Then, she demanded to be drawn.
So, um, I drew her.
And apparently she enjoys imitating her stuffed rabbit.

Good lord, I've lost my marbles.
Original characters, the girl (yes, that's a girl, no she's not an elf, she's youkai) is named Laena and the horse is name Verstralis. I'm actually rather proud of this one...even though my CGing sucks and I haven't drawn/CG'ed in like ages >_>; Used with Paint Shop Pro 7
I was bored one I made this:P
This is my OC, ookami
this is just practice on digital art
I don't have a name for this character yet but i'll just call her fighter girl 4 now
George Hamilton's character Bunny Wigglesworth from the cult classic Zorro the Gay Blade.