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Chibi o.O
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Kimiko Chibi o.O
Def Character 2007-08-18 06:25:25 kawaii ^^
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Random art
Humi - a character of mine, but when he was young
Very old
I started but I become a little lazy, so I decide to  finish it later ;p
This is my first computer piece ever. i coloured it in using photoshop7 and i kno it looks very amature but i tried. if anyone knows any tutorials that i can find online then please tell me! This took me about 5 hours to colour in. See my website to see the hand coloured version.

Zydrate Robber
This one never did get colored....should I?
btw...this is young link
Hibiki from the band Calmando Qual

I really love that band
and I gona see the band again:p
antagonist character concept for my character helen's storyline. her name is elision
This was the weirdest dream I had. THe only thing I for sure remember was that we were sitting on boxes in the forest, and it was all misty and mysterious. xDD The nightwalker and myself (C) ME.
Anyone have some cool ideas about how to color the rest? I want this pic to be in the same vein as the other godmode project bla bla pic but I'm out of inspiration ^__^ All help is appreciated! Anyway, I was kinda impressed by the late style of desty nova hehe (I want to draw a warship too ^__^)
just a shit pic
Drawed my friend while having a boring class in school. All mouse and photoshop cs about 1 hour
First page
A really quick doodle that I made today, despite the mistakes I kind of liked it so hence the reason for why I coloured it. XD