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WOLF 2007-08-11 06:54:22 cutie.. youre supposed to upload drawings you made by yourself ^_^'
Def Character 2007-08-11 11:44:50 Okay Jamar Wolf is righ ^^ Can you replace your pics from the internet with your own art. MAngaworkshop is for artistn ot a gatheringspot for internet pics.
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Random art
"serial experiments lain" dont try to understand this pic if you havnt seen the show....  pencil crayon and india ink
i am back. with a new strip finaly. i made it with photoshop enjoy^^
Merry Christmas for year 2007
Just a sketch :P (I suck)
Manga Art
I made a Kakashi drawing with coloured pencils...^^
Oh mickey mickey momo.
Greetings Muru Kitty
Muru Kitty
made a year ago I think.
*trying to fix this again.. cross your fingers*<br>

I am baaaaaaack! X3 <br>
Yep, it took a 'headache' and a big disappointment to finally realize I made a big mistake by leaving MWS, but I've been given the go ahead and re-joined. <br>
Okay, something about the pic here... this was for a poster project we did in Sakuranbo Studios *a budding yaoi art group*. It's Simon and Ellis, all snuggly, yes there are some posters left over from Yaoi-con of this and my other one. Red pen sketch in sketchbook, lightboxed pencils and india ink and brush on card stock, scanned into Adobe Photoshop 6 and colored. <br><i>~~Bee, Jan. 2005</i>
chibified rampage. rampage (c) emerson tung.
sorry i colored it
a catgirl BillPoster! XD yes i play WAY too much FlyFF ^-^ awww but i KNOW you wanna hug her!! =D
I made it a really long time ago (june 2005) i never added it because i think its stupid -.-
got extremely side-tracked from drawing my manga and did this. I am extremely pleased with it. Comments and Critizisms?
More "wrestilng moves" (yeah, right ¬¬ )I supposed this would be like a Royal Rumble, with all these guys from Final Fantasy series. In no partuclar order: Tidus, Squall, Vaan and Cloud. enjoy it