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George Hamilton's character Bunny Wigglesworth from the cult classic Zorro the Gay Blade.
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CericCalas George Hamilton's character Bunny Wigglesworth from the cult classic Zorro the Gay Blade.
Def Character 2007-08-04 16:27:54 ehr ...6^^
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Random art
MSN is watching your music o god you see that butterfly? that's him.
finnally we got a more 'interesting' thing to draw at art school ; clothing design for medieval cartoonies...I SCORED SECOND PLACE!!!! woohoo! (not that it's good but...nah)
haven't uploaded anything in ages. was browsing thru artworks here and found  twisted lilium's interesting ^^ here's the colored version of her sketch.
a drawing of my sister, it took me hours to finish this (@.@) i couldn't scan it because it was too big so i took a photo \(^.^)/
This is Ashley. I'm currently pianting it. Hopefully you'll see it.
may super kikay friend....

she always had a mirror on her hand to look at her face... but she's not narcisistic... she's just concern over her looks.... medyo o.c. pagdating sa pagiging neat
picture of one of my teachers at school. i gave him the original sketch and he said he wanted a color-job too. his name isn't Doug, but he worked on the animated tv show. it's an inside joke.
Dustin C.
tablets rock
I made this art just jet, How do you like it?
drew it during lunch break, i plan on making a wallpaper out of it

Fan art for the up comming game Tribes vengeance...I just like the robot ;)
After 4 month being unable to find some time to draw anything …
I’ve last found time for this quick sketch …
I do not have much to say about it …I draw it using only pens I had to cover my mistakes by adding  more lines :P  … the result is a bit (ok not just a bit ) messy .. but it was fun drawing it … … about his left hand … you may wish to know what is gathering  around it :P well the answer would be … I have no idea :P .. left hand was way too messy (It didn’t look like a hand >_< )so I did this “special ” thing gathering around :P  lol
pen sketch