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sacha Emma Watson from "Harry Potter". I made this origanaly as a Nude picture, but I did'nt think some people here would have liked that. for the original Nude version goto: I think it turned out great... I wanted to draw her for a looooong time now.
Dustin C. 2007-08-01 16:57:54 awesome sach! my girlfriend is a big potter fan too :p
CericCalas 2007-08-02 05:39:29 Pretty good. Keep in mind though the leg is hidden behind a cloak, it does not cast a shadow upon the leg because of the light source.
Zeph 2007-08-02 23:19:36 flipping awesome. that's all i really can say, FLIPPING awesome
killerkun 2007-08-03 04:58:10 lovely... it would be awesome to fix a little the pillow shading :3
mama_logon 2007-08-26 22:14:56 so good! I like it
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Is it just me or the boy in the last panel don't seem to be the same one I've been useing???.

And about the girl that's reaching the fruit, are her feet ok??...I think theres something strange in the last 2 panels, but I don't quite get what.

Well thx.  Going to have dinner.
heehe, there I go with water again ;^^ I suppose with the oekaki I use it's just so irrisistable, perfect for water! *huggles gaia* hehe. Well, she's taking her first breathe after having been underwater for a while *shrug* nothing biggie, just a little doodle for fun, but I like it ^o^v I suppose I need to work on wetness tho *scratches chin*