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neji commission from otakon 
wot do ya think
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1-MM-1 neji commission from otakon wot do ya think
WOLF 2007-08-01 06:17:49 oww his hand is hurting! D: but hes as handsome as usual! ¦3
CericCalas 2007-08-02 05:41:05 I'm thinking I shoulda been at otakon to commission you.
Def Character 2007-08-04 16:15:26 Looking good ^^
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Random art
i have uploaden this drawing on mine old account. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Not my best.....but anyways, please leave a comment for feedback and opinions!
This is Jo's agnry faic. >:C

Uh, little random study-hall induced crackdoodles. Blame my friend. These were actually on the opposite sides of the paper, but yay photoshop.
wii finally finished . well im not really happy about the background i find it kinda carpy, but im not going to make another one so you guys just have to live whit it ^^ wel hope you injoy the pic
work in progress...
Pg 13 Chapter 6 AOY =D
The only X-mas card I did in colour. I used fineliner, copic-markers and colour pencil.
scientist sorry for my poor spellingXD i was practiing drawing bodys i hope u like it im not to happy with this
Nina Fine......"ALTER SUMMONER"
Cover-ish for mah wanna-be manga, Lost Sheep Noir.  

The guy in the middle is Krius Voi Mist (he's older than in my first drawing up here 8D ) and the DUDE to the right (our right) is Liux Raine Marche, Krius' right hand man ;D and the girl over there is Alesia... Yeaah, just Alesia (for a lack of a last name XD)
Manga Art
Random MSPaint doodles thrown together. two of my OCs, Ling (FMA), Bakura (YGO), and me. 8D;
Fanart of Roger Smith, the Negotiator, from Big O.  tryin more photoshop coloring, i like how this turned out. took 3 hours to draw and color, not too bad on time. ^_^
Dustin C.
Connor from Outkasts. and Aubury... maybe a new... 80's looking character... haven't decided yet, lol