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raven commission low res
   for a better version 
wot do u think ?
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1-MM-1 raven commission low res for a better version wot do u think ?
WOLF 2007-08-01 06:16:56 its awesome!! maybe you could add eyelashes or something
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blah (part 1)
okay this drawing prooves that I'm no good at drawing dragons...I just wanted to try once because I'm jalous at my friend lorenzo...he's the bets when it comes to backgrounds and dragons...btw , I'm trying tu persuade him to join this no avail...^_?
well this is summon nummer 2 for the game i realy like how it turned out ^^
done XD
I hope you will like this one
i luv mai.... muah!!!
Sasuke rocking out
Was a test originally requested for a job, I continued with it even after that.
This is actually form I think over a month and a half ago... I don't remeber. I just got it back from my english teacher today. I entered this pice in a contest for the team litterary magazine. (I feel so professional having me picture on a magazine cover! =3 ...Even if it is a crappy 8th grade magazine... X3)O_o Ack. There's so much I wanna fix now. TT_TT
old art time.  I found it and decided to upload it cause I don't have anything else lol.
My inspiration came from animated series thundercats. I wanted something that looks like lion o. And i gave my own spin on it.
something else i drew, it's not my best drawing, but some tips and comments sure would help ^_^  *ps: i know he doesnt have any hands, but i s*** at those so bleh :P*
just a art that i made today....its the new romeo and juliet ^_^  hahah no just kidding....i am very proud of this one... but the colors are not so great as the real pic.
zabuza... :P
Well i dont have to say much i think n_n...i think this "art"will say enough ^_~
Merry x-mash you all!