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Another picture of one of my friend's WoW characters.
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Icy_Penguigo Another picture of one of my friend's WoW characters.
WOLF 2007-08-01 06:15:20 now your friends are lucky to have you ┬ŽD
Icy_Penguigo 2007-08-01 07:08:33 Thanks for sayin'. :D
Def Character 2007-08-04 16:14:03 Heh luckely she isn't chasing after me ^^
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Random art
The Main character from my manga in the works - Tunes In.
this is an old drawing that i fix up at
Self portrait, of my persona.
Sophie Mann
I haven't uploaded anything in ages. I'm surprised i haven't been kicked off here.
This may look like a 10 minute oekaki piece of crap, but it was not as easy to make as it seems. Have you noticed any outlining? No? That's because I haven't used any! This is done with Thick Pointed markers only and nothing else.
Puppy love.......

Have a happy christmas/Hanukah/Kwanzah
I haven't posted in a while due to working alot... but I doubt you missed me ^_^.Lol, I saw this shirt somewhere, so I decided to draw it on someone, hehe, C & C please
Media: Line art is traditional art, the color was done in photoshop 7, 
This one is also verry old:p

But i made her look a bit better^^

The tree spirit^^ or also known as DRIAD!...Lives in the woods far out of impure peoples sight!...this creature mostly appears to virgin men to drain them from their life force^^ ((i never said they were good:p))
the work-in-progress sketch of my Jak and Samke picture -w-
 Helloe everyone, long time no draw, been busy with my business and such. decided to oekaki a bit. Here we have Sugar From Summon Night Sword Craft Story
was abou time i added something
its just a sketch but..
but ill add more soon =)
W00t!!1!1 My first real oekaki! ^^ My original character Tachi Kawa for this one, so tell me what you think!
Dustin C.
Germaine, my favorite and main character. I just love drawing here....anyways she on the beach by herself listening to music. I know I made alot of mistakes but i still like the pic thou. PLease leave some C&C, thank u. i hope to post another pic for valentines day too <3
ThiefKing~ Lookin' vary American thar, nay? 8D I dunno.

I rather like his face. I could have done a better job coloring, though. :/ I accidentally killed the coat while adding the darker color to it, hahaha. Whoops. I actually killed an older version of this one, too, and had to restart. The older one was funny. He looked like Harrison Ford. :B
inu chibi kaze trying to get his gun and neko chibi shiroi on a wall and evil grinning.
originals are from final fantasy unlimited ©