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Finished print for AnimeNEXT 2007.<br><br>

Twice as a Fancy Megan and Sundance, marker painting, prints to be sold at AnimeNEXT in the artist alley.
Artist Description
Bee-chan Finished print for AnimeNEXT 2007.

Twice as a Fancy Megan and Sundance, marker painting, prints to be sold at AnimeNEXT in the artist alley.

Dustin C. 2007-07-28 23:38:45 woah! havent seen you in a LONg time! great work as always! ^_^
Zeph 2007-07-30 01:57:08 glad to see you back, for at least a little. you're stuff's lookin great
Bee-chan 2007-07-30 07:26:31 Yeah, I tend to forget sometimes I have an account here ^^. I'll try to post more!
WOLF 2007-08-01 06:11:30 wowie i dunno what to say.. its sooo good!! :|
Def Character 2007-08-04 16:11:14 Post more please do ^^
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Random art
 <div align="left">The main characters to a story in the works. ^^
Valorian (the taller) is "playing" with Robyn's (the one on the box) heart stone. If you want to know why Val's feet aren't drawn, it's because I ran out of paper. He's a tall sucker. Anyway, here's a few stats for 'em.
Age: Hundreds, maybe even thousands of years old<BR>
Hair: long, white<BR>
Eyes: Blue, no pupils<BR>
Height: 7' (usually, though he can adjust his height at will)<BR>
Occupation: Guardian, currently assigned to Robyn<BR>
Note: Guardian's are magical beings who, for some reason, help certain people when they feel their help is needed. They are only visible to those they wish to see them. (not including other Guardians)
Age: 17/18-ish<BR>
Hair: short, brown<BR>
Eyes: dark brown<BR>
Height: . . . too short ^^;;<BR>
Occupation: Student<BR>
Note: Has six (younger) sisters, who all have guardians as well. I have yet to design them. ^^;;
I really need to come up with a name for the story . . .</div>
First try drawing a girl with dresses and other girly stuff
Hina. That one girl character I never draw, hahaha. D: It's a pity, because she's really quite fun to doodle.

I need to draw my female characters more often.
her's my main character from the book I'm writing...all thx goes to mirage maiden for her design...thx a lot!!^o^
wanted to make something random, i like the head however i think the rest is wacksause cause i just slapped it on without thought :(, hope you guys like it, well at least the head part...
back to the usual. an angel with a lot strange twisted wings.
My character Aurora. :D Done with sharpies and colored pencils.

The mysterious Princess Venra
This is a ninja, coloured with a traditional japanese technique, "ukiyoe".
This one never did get colored....should I?
btw...this is young link
Greets MWS! Here is an art of mine I made dec 2006. I actually had time to color this sketch of the many I have. Maybe more will come soon again. For now, Enjoy the weather somehow :I ~Aikuza
Japanese schoolgirl .. . . . um. . . yeah that's it ha ha.
it took a long time, but i finished it. a big thanks to Def Character for helping me clean the lineart ^_^
any ideas for a better background? 6^_^;;
Dustin C.