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Finished print for AnimeNEXT 2007.<br><br>

Twice as a Fancy Megan and Sundance, marker painting, prints to be sold at AnimeNEXT in the artist alley.
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Bee-chan Finished print for AnimeNEXT 2007.

Twice as a Fancy Megan and Sundance, marker painting, prints to be sold at AnimeNEXT in the artist alley.

Dustin C. 2007-07-28 23:38:45 woah! havent seen you in a LONg time! great work as always! ^_^
Zeph 2007-07-30 01:57:08 glad to see you back, for at least a little. you're stuff's lookin great
Bee-chan 2007-07-30 07:26:31 Yeah, I tend to forget sometimes I have an account here ^^. I'll try to post more!
WOLF 2007-08-01 06:11:30 wowie i dunno what to say.. its sooo good!! :|
Def Character 2007-08-04 16:11:14 Post more please do ^^
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Random art
this is Antheia, one of my many girl warriors :P I am busy making feminin bodies ( again XD) but I think I begin to understand it alot more now ^^
My first drawing in my new sketch book. The scanner kinda screwed up the color, but over all not to shabby. I hope you ENJOY @_@

I suppose i'm getting better at photoshop.
I like how this one turned out. Made it for a friend.. sad story so i just had to draw my feelings on paper just to calm down ^^;
Hey MWS! After a month or two of being talentless, I'm finally posting something. ^^;; I've noticed that the people around MWS lately have been getting better and better... hope I don't disappoint. This peice here took me about 12 hours to do... those trees killed my time. ><;; I drew this on paper, scanned it, then gave it life with Photoshop CS and my tablet. I got very lazy when it came to the ground... but I wasn't so sure what I should do with it. ^^;; Anyway, hope you like it. For better quality;
L with lolliepops in color ^^ colored it with photoshop. Pffff, lots of work, first time with my tablet so... You like it?
just a sketch,maybe a little more work would make it better,but the idea is nice:)
Finished marker painting art trade with Glittering Starshower on the MLP Arena, of her ponies, Tsubasa ( male pegasus ), and Starlight Sonata ( female unicorn ).<br><br>

Pencils and india ink & brush on 11 x 8.5 inch cardstock, 'painted' with Prismacolor markers, white gel pen, and white colored pencil.<br><br>

<i>~~Bee 5/3006</i>
my alter ego"redninja" against my friend's alter ego"blackninja"

pen, pencil crayon

soo.. neither of us can win the fight against eachother.... EVER!
The only thing to describe this drawing would be ---> O_O ???
page 1 from a doujinshi I gonna made..
Just a friend of mine im gonna use for a character in a comic
2 furres ( cat girls )