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I thought it was fun to make a study about male muscles on a 3-D base. And here is the result ^^
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pencil no jutsu I thought it was fun to make a study about male muscles on a 3-D base. And here is the result ^^
sleepless 2007-07-28 03:25:46 male muscles are friggin difficult to draw >.<;;, nice work btw :)
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Random art
It is just a quik art. But I hope you like it.
possible character design for my comic. I suck, so I used a reference >_<
well this is my catboy J.J he is a boss and i love him XD
Rubine - CG: Paint Shop Pro - aug 2001
Miss Magic ispired me to draw another sketch, i hope its better, please comment!

FMA, i was searching Fullmetal on google and found this awesome wallpaper so i decided to draw it. i had to switch up the background because i noticed that once i got down to drawing Ed i forgot to add the streetlights. >.>
A short one page that I drew for practice. Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.
Feyru running from... something XD She;s not so sure either.
3 hour work in photoshop 7. its my gaia avatar xD on fire !!. i really like how it turned out :3
Well, this is what it turned out to be.... Why o why did I screw up the eyes that much?! Sigh... Well, C&C highly appreciated... (And yes, I know.... the proportions are a mess...) Ow, it's gonna be one of those photoshop thinghies someday ^^

Depression, makes me happy...
A Fushigi Yugi fanart. It's Tatara. He's so hot! I just read FY 11 and fell in love with the guy. Unfortunately, in the same volume he is introduced he dies. *cries* I've only used reference for the hands.