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heh, everyone else is posting sample pages... ^^; so..why not.

raw lineart
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VIIStar heh, everyone else is posting sample pages... ^^; so..why not. p.161 raw lineart
phant00m 2007-07-22 06:53:52 this looks nice! :D
Def Character 2007-07-22 09:04:08 I like it already ^^
VIIStar 2007-07-23 11:14:20 Oh yeah... and lookit those straight arse lines... XD oho ho ho ho!
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Random art
everyone keeps telling me to learn to draw realistic things too so tried this.  still prefer anime still prefer anime style tho.  think this style would look ok in a manga?
this is a doodle of me and my girl =D I messed up a little with the hands XD I doodled it with pen, so I can't erase anything XD I'm going to work it out in the near future =3
my pal simons first photoshop colored uploaded pic tihihihihiih
...I totally did NOT mean to delete this... *smashes head against the door* Oh well... I fixed it up some... >>; Anywho, dude's name is Drahkernym (Drah-care-nim) and he's youkai. Future lord of the youkai I guess. I might make a fic starring him... Reminds me of Nadil (Dragon Knights), Orphen (Sorcerer Stabber Orphen), and Dark (D.N.Angel) mashed together >_>;; aren't the colors all nice and blended together? xD
A fallen angel from a realm so cold.
A fallen angel who fought so bold
she fell to earth in a haste
And now another angel goes to waste.
(( i made the background like that to indicate a parralel void being opend so that why it's not symmetric))

Just a friend of mine im gonna use for a character in a comic
My roleplay character Sorel Nero.
Bendover ^^ i know it has many wrong stuffs...
And another^_^ The latex girl is back. I found a new toy! Our own Oekaki board is great.
pleez leave comment and let me know what you think.
A character bible sheet for my storyboarding class, the adventurous 12-y.o. Indy!

with this guy, i'm trying to deviate from the typical anime style, gave him more disney-like eyes, and tried a simple nose. the only thing remotely anime about it is the hair i suppose. :/
Dustin C.