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I want to color it but I'm not sure how to work the colors.
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dano I want to color it but I'm not sure how to work the colors.
Def Character 2007-07-16 03:22:49 First try to clean-up or redraw the pic first. Some details can be made using colour shading. Then try picking some coloursceme from pics you like and make some low-res roughs in layers before you going to colour the real deal ^^
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Random art
Chibi..elf..kitty thingie with wings (\(>w<)/)
I tried to ink it but my skills are laking in that department so instead I give to you the not so crappy pencil doodle XD
heres the how i created my latest art ^-^ its my gothic maid in a more cheerful mood
Commission I did quite a few years ago. This was my first full fledged greyscale image and one of my earlier experiments to see how well I got along with using a fair amount of black in an image. The screentones I made for this were rather crude and I've learned a lot since then...I keep on meaning to make some more.
Gaku Namikiri from Yu Watase's Absolute Boyfriend.
Not what I wanted it to be..

//done with Paint Shop Pro//

(OMG..converting it to Jpeg was NOT a good idea ;-; )

manned mecha. marine armor (c) emerson tung.

Some Faces Of Hikorta
Atemis Lunar, now in color! :D<br>
The silver/gray moon on his forehead turns red-orange when both boons are in alignment. (his planet has two moons, a small blue and a large red-orange) Also, as part of his religion, he moon dances whenever either is full . . . naked. ^_~ (I'm still working on a pic of that)<br>
You can find a wallpaper version on this pic, with more info about Artemis, at <a href="">my  Deviant Art page</a>.
look he's a litle of road.
i draw this just jet. give me comments ;)
i tried for a blank sad face. help.
Character from manga Trick Kids. He's a serial killer who acts on one motive....paranoia ><
Pg 23 from chapt 10 of AOY