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I want to color it but I'm not sure how to work the colors.
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dano I want to color it but I'm not sure how to work the colors.
Def Character 2007-07-16 03:22:49 First try to clean-up or redraw the pic first. Some details can be made using colour shading. Then try picking some coloursceme from pics you like and make some low-res roughs in layers before you going to colour the real deal ^^
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Random art
She was a failed experiment.
some random art.
>> note: I did NOT bother working on the sword XD she just had to hold something, so she could lean. it could have been a stick XD anyway, I also see that her left hand is a little too small. comments? <<
this is Lareina's brother, Tadrien (another OC for my fic) He like to play with the fire elements >.> I'm actually more or less proud of this one except for the dang shoulder >.o; I should have rounded it more but i didn't realize it until it was too late! oh well >>;
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Chris Folton © Gabby
The design I used for the book marks I gave out at cons this year. It looks gorgeus printed. I tryed a new cg style here. I'm over all happy with it but I think I can do better. This was finished in July.
This was a gift for a person on Deviantart, I'm not going to explain here, but okay. It took me quite a while to finish it, just because my computer is very slow. It's a good thing I'll have a new one in a few weeks, or a new one.. It's used, but it will probably be a lot more quick then this. Anything can be.
Hope you like it (and I know , like, the hands don't really fit together, one tiny, one huge..) But okay. I have this feeling I won't be uploading any color drawings very soon, because school is starting again next week and it will be my last year. I think it will be pretty busy.
I love cats and I just HAD to upload this one!! So kawaii!! ^_^
part 2 of 3

(she's a he ._.)
He is an person or tracks down the criminally insane. He is schizophrenic.
By the way this is a rushed pic so a better one will be uploaded soon
I had fun with this one, somewhat,
splatter brushes
he's a zombie, named Kelly :)
2 of the same pic of chibi craig mouse drawn ^^  but whitch style of color looks better