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Cropped.  Not the best form... ^^;
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VIIStar Cropped. Not the best form... ^^;
Zeph 2007-07-13 19:46:59 honestly. it's a little busy. nice. but busy
Wicked_Lady 2007-07-14 09:42:35 <333 Omg, I love it! Those details are awesome. Very nice, are you gonna color it? :)
Def Character 2007-07-16 00:44:27 Woah thats some awsome display of details ^^
VIIStar 2007-07-16 11:18:38 Wicked Lady, Probably no color, it's done on really flimsy paper and has already taken a beating ^^;
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Pg 6 Chap 12 =D
Another realism sketch. No, the man that looks like a monkey isn't a monkey, I was practicing 
shades. Have fun !
Collabtime! Original sketch and design by Lozz  <(^_^<)
Def Character
ive been busy with making digital wallpapers, so i figured i'd do something back in my style. Hope you like it
Yoo^^  i'v made this one at school today I hope you like this one^^
Deja vu
Doodlething. As quick and effortless as this is, it's STILL better than 99% of all Edge fanart on dA- no, the entire frackin' interweb. Which is SAD, 'cause this isn't too great. 8D As I said to Blad, all the ff4 fanarts that exist are a kabillion Rydias and Kain looking emo a lot. NOBODY CARES, NEEDS MOAR EDGE.
This is a sketch of my char. Mikaël. I wanted to make a new sketch for him. With a cool vibe too it. But I failed, now it's more flirty. But I like it nevertheless.

*sigh* *poking in the ground* I became a Fan-art Dork. "Look Mommy! Baby's first Fanart" *Wacks her own head.* I'm such a loser! *Bangs head into wall* *Hates herself*

AIH! Cheer up me! I'ts Azumanga! *comforts herself* ^0^
another character based off of Ah! My Goddess...actually the same girl as before lol
Naruto and Hinata my fave love team.... ^____^ hope they'll be the one who will be lovers at the end... i don't want sakura to be naruto's love team. i am not against her on anyway, i just like the character of hinata
im a little new to this site.just wanted to share some stuff iv made.this happens to be something i made a couple of years ago and never got to finish it.
It's finally finished. A full PhotoShop CG I was working on a few times a week. I'm very pleased with the results. It's all done with the mouse. A collapsed city, taken over by Uzakikuchi's. And a NinjaSoldier that's about to take down one of the Uzakikuchi Mechas, while it  is looking for any human lifeforms to destroy. I am satisfied with the pic. It still has some sketchy touch to it which I like. All of the design is done by me, inspired by Ghost in the Shell and Patlabor. Hope you'll like this work of mine :).