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Lozz Stuffs :B
Def Character 2007-07-12 16:35:11 Wonders where this is going 6^_^
Lozz 2007-07-12 19:46:31 It's going no where, just a bunch of random doodles n_n
pencil no jutsu 2007-07-13 09:54:44 but quite nice ha ha b^^d
Wicked_Lady 2007-07-14 09:48:07 I love your sketches, they're always so.. random :P Very nice. I like the head above the monkey best ^_^
Rianca 2007-07-17 17:08:26 omg HES HOT <3 Awww , Monkey <3
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Random art

I put in color, because it's not lineart, but greyscale. Marie again, with my Wacom in Manga Studio EX... Meh...
ah erhm...well this is a samurai i just drawed and hum hes doing a ZANMATO (if you dont know what a zanmato is...then play final fantasy coz i aint gonna explain it) i was going to color it..but im kinda lazy maybe later
hehe~ I made this drawing a few days ago its about the girl infrond of the drawing her name is Shannon Rikku Sharon Ruby Turner but I call her "Rikku" she's my orginal character 

about the way she looks; rikku is a latin girl
with red lips and red cheeks she, she's not a thin girl but a woman with big breaths she's just a broad woman:)
Very old
card 4 =D
Rubine - CG: Paint Shop Pro - aug 2001
Hiiiii =3 its been ages since i last uploaded =^.^= lol ^-^ anyways i drew this 2 b my m8s desktop =3 his nick names sky =333 i decided to go all oringe lol i hope you guys like it as much as he did =3 comments will be very much appreciated thx ^-^
Well this is the final piece. Comment or crit. Spongebob is never going to fly sandy's rocket ever again.
I just loovee elfs ^_^ I wanted to make an elf standing behind a tree in the forest :o here it is :)
hi everyone! and now, moment of self comments ... what i like of this pic: the girl, the outfit, her eyes colorwork . And what i dont like: i dont know why the outline got a bit blur, shadows were a pain in the .... , her nose is odd and ... pretty much else too .
WARNING!!> blood aint fo kids....AHH YESS!!! It finally worked thanks to; Sleepless!! Maybe not as good as sleepless but it's my first! I'm soooo proud of it!! ^^
Another photoshop creation.
it's my Blaziken. critcs welcome