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Sketch; concept from my first manga.
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dano Sketch; concept from my first manga.
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Random art
current project i
m working on for
Dustin C.
i wanted to try changing up my style a bit... i like the way this turned out and still in an experimental mood...
Group Picture
THUNDERCATS HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This is a re-draw of an older image of mine ( that I've been working on on my breaks at work. That's why it's a but messy. :P
whew. it has been a long time. what can i say, i was lazy!
now the next page of DRAW!, it's a double-page layout this time!
Dustin C.

Just practising in coloring a little :) Done with colored pencil.
just a pic based on FFVII
Damn my crappy scanner! The original looks so much better! ;_; Anyway, here are 2 lolita-gothic girls! They're not really striking a pose or anything, but I just wanted to concentrate on the clothes ^_^

i know the cat not so good but i the rest is pretty cool...rite?
Depression, makes me happy...
this is a drawing i did on paint tool sai about a year ago, i usually just like to use it for profile pictures
aki hajime
for my dad`s birthdey b^^d
pencil no jutsu