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A random cat person ^w^
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Lozz A random cat person ^w^
Def Character 2007-07-09 14:59:53 Only one thing that I notice Lozz 6^^ the curves of the knob at the tip of the handle, shouldn't they be in the other direction towards the blade? Other then that Luv it ^^ Are you going to colour it?
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-07-12 06:21:41 Yeah it's tru what Def say's, But the overall picture is verry good! I think one of your best lineartworks ^^
AILEEN 2008-10-16 10:03:07 Aaarcgh! I don't get what Def Character & AAA-LAZEX-disign mean! I always adore your characters' fashionable costumes Lozz!
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Random art
Aaaand last one. Same dude as first post. 3 or 4 hours, oc 1.1
Some guy I drew off of a description ^_^
Redrawing some old characters. 

Yes, he uses a lot of hair products.
her name is October. haha. i randomly created her during one "extremely interesting" accounting class.
Kazushi Sakurabaaa!the dam drawing did not fit in my scaner so i cut the edges.
Ids hard to draw a real person,should work on that...
To bad kazushi isnt doing so wel lately,he is defenetly one of the greatest groudn fighters around.
Some one who beats so many gracie's deserve's respect.
i mead something like D.N.Angle its not my usual style i hope i get some comments on this i really like it
pencil no jutsu
Yeah I'm quite pleased with this pic, I coloured it in with coloured pencil. Before you ask, he is supposed to be very tall. (He's a bit thin though...)
Pg 13 Chapter 6 AOY =D
Random "I have now idea what I'm doing but I'm still doing it" picture. Total mess. ^_^
Hey \(^-^)/ how have you guys been?? this is an elfprincess I drew it during homework (somehow she reminds me of a cat) and she got caught by her evil sister when she tried to run away, *.* oh no!! who has the courage to save her and defeat the evil sister?? \(@.@)/ sorry I really need more sleep XD oh yeah please don't mind the little piggy, I was VERY bored XD
Deja vu
It's the return of the freaky angel chick who comes at you with cleaning untencles! Since my illustrator ticked me off I colored it in traditional colored pencils... I'm pretty happy with how it truned out, dispite the errors in it.
not finished but i like it so far, wow is been a while.. again
Alissa and Peter again, both my characters ^_^