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:raven:got bored and made this ;
her head my be alittle big 
not sure lol
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1-MM-1 :raven:got bored and made this ; her head my be alittle big not sure lol
Def Character 2007-07-09 05:06:47 Maybe just a tiny bit...
Zeph 2007-07-10 00:38:51 Nice anatomy and pose.
pencil no jutsu 2007-07-10 10:14:36 i love this art!<3
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Random art
another random drawing XD again drawn with the tablet. a friend requested a naked girl, so I made one for him XD PLEASE DON'T LOOK!
I did this one as a favor for one of my friend, her sister was going into the army and she wanted to give her something.
I was inspired by the mountains to draw this.
medium:colored pencils
i draw this for fun and i like what came up hope you like it to ^^
pencil no jutsu
Weird one-eyed monster/human.
uchiha sasuke. sorry for the lame pose
this one i made for the cdcover of my electro/industrial project 'hexabit' but i'm not really happy with the way it turned out..i hope you gys like it anyway!
i'm trying out to work with patterns ^^ i have manga studio since a while, the flowers on here kimono and the background are from that program itself ^^ its a bid small here... i dont rly understand the program with saving something yet xD
Yoo^^  i'v made this one at school today I hope you like this one^^
I mistakingly deleted it, lol
Conclusion of The Haystack Murders. (Man, I blew 2 fuses while scanning this.. can it be a sign? ;P)
a practice piece I consider done. I learned a bit more about coloring while doing this. 

I also learned the obvious ; I should probably work more on body proportions and perspective. I might do that.. if I'm motivated enough ;) C&C  are always welcome.
Has anyone ever seen Erementar Gerad..?
Harry Potter Grows Up