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I had this idea for a cool city.  Three
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dano I had this idea for a cool city. Three "ROCKSTARS" later I had this sketch.
Def Character 2007-07-07 16:02:07 Freakin awsomness ^^
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Random art
Took me about 4-5 hours (on end). I'm really happy with it, because i spent a ton of time on the shading >.< I hope you like it! ^^
i drew this to say hi to everyone who is with mangaworkshop!!!!! i drew it on ms paint and coloured it with photopaint ^-^hope u like it tell me what u think

Umm.... I was bored... hence in background lol. I really like the way her hair came out.... C&C please
My version of Archer of the Gorgonites. ^_^
pencil no jutsu
I did not upload something a long time, so here is my new "art",I hope u all like it!!
Mister Magix
something im busy with ^^ the paper size is A1 (i think :P) anyway its pretty big.

i dont like the head from the girl on the right T.T
and i suck at coloring x)
comments?? :D
my manga-nized version of cyclops.

Finished commission inks for LaLuna's friend.<br><br>

Heero Yuy, mage kitty chibi, based on their GundamWingFantasy stories.<br><br>

India ink and brush on 8.5 x 11 inch cardstock, Speedball super black india ink and Raphael Kolinsky sable hair number 2 round brush.<br><br>

Testing out corel essentials 3 like paul convinced me O_o 

just a random goth-girl :P comment ^ ^

btw. first rose i ever drawn xD
Okay, coloured!! Please comment^^
had fun in Gimp when I got frustrated with coloring this one... meant to be character design for Strathmore lol