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dragon queen made for a friend 
wot u think
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1-MM-1 dragon queen made for a friend wot u think
Def Character 2007-07-02 03:12:32 The dragon is a tiny bit flat but the overall feel and dynamics are great ^^
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Hey \(^-^)/ how have you guys been?? this is an elfprincess I drew it during homework (somehow she reminds me of a cat) and she got caught by her evil sister when she tried to run away, *.* oh no!! who has the courage to save her and defeat the evil sister?? \(@.@)/ sorry I really need more sleep XD oh yeah please don't mind the little piggy, I was VERY bored XD
Me playing around in flash trying to color the fairy  I drew the other day
Long time no penciling, now I know why I went CG again...
Def Character
A cover for a manga I want to work on. It's Jewls again :)
This was a gift for a friend of mine of his original character. I was also trying out some new pencils I got at the time.
A picture detailing the awe I would often feel as a child when the jets from the air force base would come flying across the sky over my house.
Another Gaia avatar commission.
A surfuresqe guy i drew with markers  this is quite old i did it at the begining of the year
Just a previeuw of what im drawing and how it evolved.. working on the colored version now.. C&C are welcome.
Mike with Matt this time
people seem to like Matt, but he rarely moves and never talks
I just made this for an avatar, what do you think?
a little sketch
this is not my own( inspired by naruto seris) i made it my own awy