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A night with the markings of Konoa.
Crits and comments are welcome...
I can take it ^^
Artist Description
pencil no jutsu A night with the markings of Konoa. Crits and comments are welcome... I can take it ^^
ukkie 2007-07-01 10:26:09 ...he's not standing straight XD the design is cool though :)
Zeph 2007-07-02 01:42:38 his legs are not aligned with his body. but the outfit's cool
pencil no jutsu 2007-07-03 10:19:00 ok thanks i will repare ith 6^^
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This is a black ink, colored pencil drawing on 8x11 off white card stock. Turn it twist it and i may do the same to you.
Happy Halloween! 
Special for Halloween.
This is my first artwork here, so I hope you like it. :)
A sketch i drew of yoruichi, i thought it came out rather nice. Her hands and her right leg needs sum work but other than that it's kool
a scene from reinaert the fox. I had to make a bookproject about it, so I made a drawing ^^'
oficialy from reinaert the fox © yes, I am aware that reinaert looks like shoma kyou -.-'
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oh..mi gad, this took FOREVER @.@  Well, a couple weeks ago I was helping out at a pre-K summer school.  The actual drawing was a composite of three different days (on each day, I drew a different kid)  ahhh, they looks so innocent asleep ;^^  I would've drawn a boy in there, too, but none of the boys seemed to keep still during nap time ._o  ah well.  My second attempt as lineless art.  yay! *clapps *  ^^
well here is the background of my christmiss card i thought i just showed because it was really some work to make its al done in photoshop whit a very cheap tablet ^^
One of my last artwork of my web video manga :)
comments please!
graphite pencil drawing rendered in ink, watercolor and colored pencil
this is one of my favourite sketches so far. what do you guys think?

Zydrate Robber
Cover of my own manga =3
A bit early for Halloween but had some free time on my hands.