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a work in progress i suppose. i used a sketchy style for her. background soon to come.
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Dustin C. a work in progress i suppose. i used a sketchy style for her. background soon to come.
Def Character 2007-06-25 16:30:18 The chin is a tiny bit manly for my taste 6^^ loose the sketchy lines in the highlight. Concept is okay as does the choice of colours ^^
ukkie 2007-06-26 04:44:52 everything Def said ^^
pencil no jutsu 2007-06-30 14:30:26 The body looks great but the chin is kind of square. The rest looks okay. ps I like the fact that you used stripes as shading.
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Random art
Hi *waves* kyuu, it's so late (3:00am) and I can't get to sleep, actually I was watching a scary movie so now I've scared myself enough that I can't sleep (TT_TT) I'm such a nerd. Heh, so in order to try and distract my mind I did this doodle, LOLz it has so many things wrong with it though .... oh well better luck next time eh ?
This is a drawing of YugiYami from Yugi-oh. This is the first drawing I put on the net, so please comment.
Kurosaki Ichico by Tite Kubo, Bleach
modeled after my kitty whom i named pippen :)
Another "ukiyoe". All coloured with photoshop. YAHH!!!
Another christmas present for one of my friends. ^_^
I like how this one turned out. Made it for a friend.. sad story so i just had to draw my feelings on paper just to calm down ^^;
Page one of my old first chapter for my manga story. I am looking for an artist, too...
after seen kigeki 8 times I ve drawn this one ( kigeki is a 10 min anime you can find it at youtube ... a masterpiece ^^ )
don'tmind the hands and feet they're badly done I know , just wanted to make a cool pose , the hand behind him is supposed to be a wave in a hand-shape...
Finished commission inks for LaLuna's friend.<br><br>

Heero Yuy, mage kitty chibi, based on their GundamWingFantasy stories.<br><br>

India ink and brush on 8.5 x 11 inch cardstock, Speedball super black india ink and Raphael Kolinsky sable hair number 2 round brush.<br><br>

I just wanted to get the pose from the picture to the right. 

just a random original character. lots of things i'm too lazy to clean up haha
Mussgo from Porter.