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This is a commissioned piece I just finished for a game company. Pretty freaky, huh?
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Icy_Penguigo This is a commissioned piece I just finished for a game company. Pretty freaky, huh?
Def Character 2007-06-25 03:18:39 O.o freakish fetish Urgh.... (/).(\)
ukkie 2007-06-26 04:46:31 how's she supposed to walk with that thing wrapped around her legs? anyway the design is really cool ^__^
Kaizu 2007-06-28 21:06:45 Wow very different from your other work. Really good to see something different, her right leg (from our pov) looks a bit off, but the rest looks great.
Marius 2007-06-30 07:55:56 I like the hands ^^ Not so fond of the kneecaps though, gold and leather seems a bit too vain for someone(or thing) with such an agressive look. Anyway, you sure you're allowed to show yer stuff here already? Gamecompanies are kinda twitchy about these things ;)
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-07-12 06:31:04 Great color ;)
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Random art
this is fifth pic of the project of PN's seven love ©. experimenting more on pspX, so i did this to a totally different style to the
these pics have been drawn long ago like since december (but exams got in the way- crap)and i know i need to work on my anatomy, next time i'll post some of my present work up after i'm done with the project.
anyways enjoy.
i wanted to try changing up my style a bit... i like the way this turned out and still in an experimental mood...
Oh man I do need to practice more .. So many mistakes (hand, pose, perspective..) I really need to find more time to draw because whenever I take a slight 'pause' (of, say, 2 months) I never get better .. This stuff still has the same feel like the first drawings I submitted here .. Anyway, it is unfinished as you can see & sorry for the low quality!
Another fast paint doodle to pass some time. Waiting for my gf to come online so I can own her and her brother at halo XD ....*cough's* Anyway nothing special and I think her head is too big...ah well, sorry for not uploading much decent ^^'
Chibi of J-pop group, w-inds. in marathon haha XD XD

FROM LEFT:Ryuichi,Keita,Ryohei
It's called "Life's Waiting To Begin" and it's the first piece I've ever drawn teeth in. And the expression took forever to get right. I'm very happy with it. Hope you like it.
This here is a character I created for my original story called "War of the Arts." The character's name is Kazuki Dekiru (Kazuki means "birth of a new generation," and Dekiru means "capable). He is a 14-year old practioner of Taijutsu and can manipulate fire, but he is somewhat unaware of his true ability. He is also strong-willed yet defensive of those who insult him because of how he is unable to understand martial arts the same way most of his other peers can. As a result, he is classified as a "disabled being."

When I drew Kazuki, I first used a H and 4B pencil to roughly draw and shade the character. Then I used 08, 05, 03, and 005 pigma micro pens to ink the outlines. Finally, I used tombow (I think that's what it's called) markers to color .

Feel free to leave any comments about the character.
A cover for a manga I want to work on. It's Jewls again :)
Self portrait~

I'm not really this cute though XD
cheating???naaah, i deleted this image, reuploaded it and kept the original linework color for better storytelling, this is the second and final page of this small soccer story, lots of time spent on that damn crowd...chewbacca included :D
The Raging Spaniard
It's hand magic?
thats hot
Cool Manga drawing.