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This is a commissioned piece I just finished for a game company. Pretty freaky, huh?
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Icy_Penguigo This is a commissioned piece I just finished for a game company. Pretty freaky, huh?
Def Character 2007-06-25 03:18:39 O.o freakish fetish Urgh.... (/).(\)
ukkie 2007-06-26 04:46:31 how's she supposed to walk with that thing wrapped around her legs? anyway the design is really cool ^__^
Kaizu 2007-06-28 21:06:45 Wow very different from your other work. Really good to see something different, her right leg (from our pov) looks a bit off, but the rest looks great.
Marius 2007-06-30 07:55:56 I like the hands ^^ Not so fond of the kneecaps though, gold and leather seems a bit too vain for someone(or thing) with such an agressive look. Anyway, you sure you're allowed to show yer stuff here already? Gamecompanies are kinda twitchy about these things ;)
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2007-07-12 06:31:04 Great color ;)
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Random art
Belated birthday present for Bride. Can't think of any better background, oh well, I still like the design though :D -- Ink: Pilot G-tech, Color: Photoshop 7, Time Spent: 16 hours.
this is my sailor venus i drew for my cousins Kahanu and Kulia. They didnt know which one she was.  The proportions are abit off
My character Dove from my comic "My Savior" plz enjoy...
second one in my gallery so fuk yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  

*ahum* i like it, again nike i am a nike adict so hope you like it1!!!!1 (nike suks)
I hadn't intended to color 'I See You' ( but I recently downloaded the Corel Painter IX free trial and wanted to give it a whirl. ^^ Not too shabby, I think. Now if I could just buy the program. ^^;
also made by my brother
i went for a more cell-shaded characature type today =] i still have to color the shirt though cuz it looks terrible, maybe add a bg, stuff like that. it's not quite finished
okay this drawing prooves that I'm no good at drawing dragons...I just wanted to try once because I'm jalous at my friend lorenzo...he's the bets when it comes to backgrounds and dragons...btw , I'm trying tu persuade him to join this no avail...^_?
^^ practicing on photoshop cause i suck lol ^^ 
tryd to draw her in the styleof joe madeuriea (battle chasers) im pritty proud of it i dident think i did to bad 
hope yall like it  ja-ne
mp3 juice
Line-art this time for backrounds... horray

50-60mins while rewatching code geass...
Well, I've been very, er... prolific lately. Anyway, Kadaj is such a whiny bitch, and probably has the Oedipus Complex. Therefore, he gets a fanart. In which I totally goofed the outfit because I couldn't find any decent references. People seem to only screencap him during the waist-up shots. :|
I finally finished this and I really think I should stick to CG works over traditional works. However, I sort of like both versions but that is only because of how I slaved over coloring the actual artwork using color pencils. 

The CG one is much better though.