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avatar last ir bender
kitara water bending
i hope they make season of the show soon
Artist Description
1-MM-1 avatar last ir bender kitara water bending i hope they make season of the show soon
Def Character 2007-06-21 14:02:04 Radical ^^
killerkun 2007-06-21 22:19:31 fabulous!
Kimiko 2007-06-22 08:31:03 Wow cool, yeah avatar is great, and the water looks very good ^-^
pencil no jutsu 2007-07-01 11:02:38 very cool wather its fabulous b^^!
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Random art
Fooling around with open canvas and a fast sketch :)
this one is originaly made by AIKUZA but I did the colorzzzz... It's very old. 2005 or something maybe older XD
The colored version of one of the pics in my lineart bin, traditionally colored, I like how it sorta came out, but then again, I'm incredibly picky. Biology, its character and ideas are copyrighted 2006 Tabitha "Tabikat" Vocque.
Sketch of female high elf warrior. This'll probably end up being a huge project if i carry it on and do the background. I was thinking of having ranks of elves lining the horizon and standards fluttering in the wind, your thoughts?
One of my older pics. Just wanted to post it back up on here so newer members could see it. ;)
A fallen angel from a realm so cold.
A fallen angel who fought so bold
she fell to earth in a haste
And now another angel goes to waste.
(( i made the background like that to indicate a parralel void being opend so that why it's not symmetric))
WHO remembers yugioh??
Production work of Reno from FirePath. If anyoen is curious FirePath is still in the works I hope to have the first issue done by next year.
Eye of the Tiger
This is a nice elvish ninja character but its not finished yet. please commment so that i can improve and adjust this drawing, i would like suggestions about what colour i should use. thank for now
xD another textbook sketch. I might've overdone her hair O_o
My first scetch of Aycol?n... ikts over 1 year old... and I decided to upload this one too. It's only a little scetch... nothing special... it becomespecial, when Adorna colored it last year. 

Still this is the best pic of Ayco I ever made...
Watercolor painting