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WOLF urgh..
yurusanzo 2007-06-19 07:52:25 fun with razors? nice one :)
Kimiko 2007-06-19 09:28:30 Looks great!! ^-^
Def Character 2007-06-19 09:49:51 lovely ^^ eventhough a bit painfull
Kaizu 2007-06-19 10:54:36 ehm, aren't those wires shes tied up with ?
WOLF 2007-06-19 12:11:27 no she's got scars on her arm and wing-like-things-whatever coming out of her back. no wires at all
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Random art
I hope you like my drawing.
its a photo cuz my scanner is dead :P whole thing cost me about 1 hour. plz comment..

btw. I know his left hand is weird ^ ^
he is unamused. lol
Lee Henrik
my other OC (original Characters)
Manga Art

And a third latex girl. I think I will develop this character more, whe has a certain something ^_^.
What do you imagine he'd be saying?
Ninja lady no reference used but in the end she looked like a Naruto character. Give me some honoust crits, i can take it ^^
pencil no jutsu
It's not manga .... eeeep, sorry >_<
It's some Discworld fan art I drew back in 2004 ^_^
(I only just found it again when I was looking through my big box of photos) ^_^

My Characters, from left, Peter: 16 years old, white, 5'10 he is quiet, works comes form a poor family and live in a trailer, His dad used to abuse him, his mother and little sister. but hes in jail now.>Alissa:16 years old, Italian and Columbian, 5'3, she is loud, spoilt, a party gurl also smart, Is currently dating peter, they are so differnt. Germaine, My main character: 15 Black and Japanese, 5'5 maybe? She is supossed to be gothic but she suck a sweetheart, sarcastic but nice, Is obssesed with D'vonte but won't tell him she likes him eva. She has issues. Her mom is somewhat of a slut, germaine never met her dad. D'vonte: 16 6'0 He is everything, black, puertorican, irish, Cheroke Indian, white..the list goes on. Hes a player, and he also plays every sport. He is concieted, and never notices whats going on. He parents are kinda rich
MY FIRST CG, and my first time using photo shop, hurray, i like how the face came out... but thats about it. I really need help getting better, any advice? C&C please