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A nice sketch with a splendid view
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AAA-LAZEX-disign A nice sketch with a splendid view
ukkie 2007-06-19 17:54:28 lol. I really like the background, but it's too bad her body is kind of off.
yurusanzo 2007-06-19 18:45:14 i love this pic... i think lazex was aiming for the sketchy look. sorta like the shirts you find in the caribean. thats why im not questioning the anatomy. it flows better this way i think. if it were neat the character would be out of place. nice one lazex :)
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Random art
I tried a new way of coloring(for me) on this... c&c please.

My first picture colored i manga studio. Hope you like it and any criticism is greatly appreciated.^.^
XD XD XD i guess no more description needed xD
humour purpose.
J-pop group, w-inds. member,Chiba Ryohei.
My favourite group ^^
the ninth page of princess nightmare
a sketch of Isamu's Super Sledge Hamer Atack!!!!
Cover of my own manga =3
this is noriko again.
once again, really thin paper makes heads appear behind her xD since this is drawn on a book.

her hand seems to b deformed too O_O
This is a character me and my friends came up with. I do the artwork and most of the story, but me and my friends team up on it and come up with some hilarious stuff. I might post some of it.
i feld like drawing somthing strange,
it worked out^_^
I like it hope you like it two comments are very welcome
okay this is the coller one from Cloud Stife
This is an old pen drawing of Aya from Parasite Eve i drew a few years back.  I decided to scan it in and color it.
Trees have dropped their leaves...