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It's me again, hello *waves* (^.^)/)
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Lozz It's me again, hello *waves* (^.^)/)
madmanga 2007-06-18 13:45:49 coo pic
Def Character 2007-06-18 14:11:42 Heh Gaian avi-art b^^d
yurusanzo 2007-06-19 06:21:42 still at it lozz :)
pencil no jutsu 2007-07-05 09:41:49 complete cool and very lol! b^^d
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Random art
Its a rat! lol.
Slightly deformed head... lol
Something i drew on my spare time,
Please Comment :>
A really quick mecha desing. One of the few that I don't think that turned total crap.
Tralala...a new character sketch of the main character of my still-in-progress-still-in-revision original fic, Drahkernym ^^ I didn't like the first drawing I did so I decided to redo him. And he underwent a personality change so I needed to reflect that...somewhat. Anywho, a really sketchy sketch that I'm happy with xD
This is my chara for the forem Tag-team fighting game... so check the forem for more info!

Zydrate Robber
a charecter art work from my unfinished manga "Skies".
Clowning around? ALWAYS!:D hehehe... i doodled this during a breifing this summer. breifings are soooo broing, its all i could do to keep myself awake! thank-god for the clown!
just a doodle 
made up mummy chick
nuttin new
Atemis Lunar, now in color! :D<br>
The silver/gray moon on his forehead turns red-orange when both boons are in alignment. (his planet has two moons, a small blue and a large red-orange) Also, as part of his religion, he moon dances whenever either is full . . . naked. ^_~ (I'm still working on a pic of that)<br>
You can find a wallpaper version on this pic, with more info about Artemis, at <a href="">my  Deviant Art page</a>.
I normally try to stick to original characters, but coworker suggested this and I was happy with how it turned out so I thought I would post it anyway.
One of the main char in AQ (some story me and my friend are collaborating in).... Any suggestions welcomed!! ><
hey there! i have been gone for some time now =3. Anyway, look NikA did a pretty bird ^o^. I also got a new computer and now i can draw to fit in an A4 paper at 300 dpi *_* ... ok: what i like: the bird, thats it all ... what i dont like: damn perspective it always beats me, and her fingers =3 they are not anime-ish D=