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new short manga cocept char.
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madmanga new short manga cocept char.
madmanga 2007-06-17 21:08:29
Nagashiwa 2007-06-17 21:15:54 nicu
madmanga 2007-06-18 03:25:43 thanx workin on sum more sketch's
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Random art
I suck when I draw on the computer but my mom stole my scanner.
Sorry that it is so well...Blah!
Comments are always welcome
Elize 'Jersey' Whitehurst - This is a preview combination/merge of 2 seperate scans because I drew the top and bottom half each on its own sheet of A4 paper, finished version is in Colored Art - Q4 2002
Fanart Negima, brushmarker practise ^^
pencil no jutsu
Its my first manga sketch, i hope its good.

The temporary cover person is still Messi who are the cover person of FIFA 15. He thumbs up leaving his back to the game players, this shows a temperament of hegemony. Although Messi has been still the cover person, we have no idea whether this will change when the game release officially.

FIFA 16 will release on 22nd September. It will be available on the platforms of PC,PS4,PS3,XboxOne and Xbox360.Please stay tuned.
a random mecha sketch i did while i was on the plane sometime back.
Pg 23 from chapt 10 of AOY
it's been a while since I put something on paper -_- BUT I'm in the mood for drawing again! owh yeah. so here is the characterisation of me in comic style (when I had long hair) Hayate Shinsetsu. This is him in the past.
Mother Nature
I still have a few things to add, like her computer table and stuff, but I have an incredible urge to start inking,and I want to know if you guys see any huge mistakes in it. >_>
my little sister wanted me to draw a princess xD
Just a random sketch I made today...
Aaaand last one. Same dude as first post. 3 or 4 hours, oc 1.1