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Kirin again :3 one of my characters.
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Cyn Kirin again :3 one of my characters.
Nagashiwa 2007-06-14 06:08:16 ohh sweeet^^ I like it^^
Def Character 2007-06-14 06:31:02 As a whole Masterly b^^d only maybe the position of the neck between the houlders is a tiny bit of... But I Love it nontheless.
Kimiko 2007-06-14 11:48:35 Looks great, I love the girafes ^-^
pencil no jutsu 2007-07-01 11:26:01 kawaii
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a guy
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A unicorn (from Latin unus 'one' & cornu 'horn') is a mythological creature. Though the modern popular image of the unicorn is sometimes that of a horse differing only in the horn on its forehead, the traditional unicorn also has a billy-goat beard, a lion's tail & cloven hooves—these distinguish it from a horse.

In my interpretation, I used the structure of a warhorse with powerful legs & wild hair. I made sure to add dynamic smoke/magic dust to suggest where the unicorn's power supply is.
my character Adalay XD He is half wolf and half human. Please give feedback as this took forever to make and I would love to know what to improve on ;D

^^ Did it on Photoshop! I'm getting better! yay!
Kakashi belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.

NOTE: these are NOT my original character!! ^_^ now what i like in this pic: the bike , the metal looks so pretty (well, at least i think it does XD ), the pose looking so summer like XD, What i dont like: his face ... the nose looks odd and i dont know why, most probable it has to be something about the shadows =/. C&C welcome =3
My very first oekaki^_^ It turned out pretty well I think. Only her hair looks a bit odd to me.
no. VII 
Gotta thank NikA for a lot of tips, though they're not implemented in this gag yet. (maybe I will redo this one so I can compare the two)
okay, lets see, i did this as the cover for next month's (online videogame mag) cover, its also one of my favorite games so it was a pleasure doing it AND its the first picture ive inked since...hell, august, so the inkings kinda iffy..., oh, and the shadows are kinda messed up too, but i prefered not going with realistic shadows in this one for the sake of layout..oh well, hope you like it!
The Raging Spaniard
This is my first drawing in photoshop..Like ever
I drew this one a long time ago, but it actually shows more of the bodies. The male is Asch from Tales of the Abyss and the female is an Oc. I like the picture, but some people do and some dont so I'd like to hear other opinions. XP Thanks.