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SPN <3
Def Character 2007-06-11 07:39:31 So cool b^^d
Kimiko 2007-06-11 13:30:08 O wow, beautiful!! ^0^
killerkun 2007-06-11 19:29:47 amazing
pencil no jutsu 2007-07-01 11:27:13 very cool love it <3
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Random art
Ozzy Rude, Mayor of Zan, Norhtern Enef.
Just a randoom drawing . . . ^.^
Hope you like it . . .
He he, I designed this little fellow as a mascott for my site or whatever (it's not on-line yet). Since I'm really crazy about wolves I wanted a wolf, but it tuned out to be a baby dragon. His name is Ryu, that's Jappanese for dragon. Isn't he adorable?^_^
Cheza and Kiba from wolfsrain ^^ i just came up with the idea when i was at work =p
Another one of my older pics.
Manga Art
Whuttup everybody! This is a recent commision I just finished for a game company. I was trying some new techniques in how I paint highlights and clothing folds. What do you guys think?
My main character of the story.
Jin Shiden
Another girl just a model this time...
Nightfall from ElfQuest on the right, i didn't plan on drawing her, but it turned out like it. On the left is just a random sketch of a woman. Still sketching around ^^
This is another picture of the fighter girl that I made except this time she's kickin ass! Actually it kinda looks like she's kickin the poor guy in the nuts but o well i'll just leave it as it is lol :]
aphrodites character germaine again... this time not so scary (i hope) night :)
Artemis Lunar<br>
Not technically a catboy, but close enough. ^^ He's a Feyra, a species created by my brother-in-law. They have both cat and human-like attributes and qualities, as well as flaws. Feyras happen to be very fond of shiny things. ^^ Artemis is part of a group who worship the moons, which is why he has that tattoos on his forehead. I'll explain more when I upload the colored version. ^^
Sorry it's in very low res .. Still playing around with photoshop and stuff .. Anyway, I wanted to draw a kinda mad religious mecha with an enormous cross using as a shield or whatever .. Oh well .. Anyway, I hope the color scheme kinda suits .. Still some errors visible I think and the line-art could've been cleaner ..