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SPN <3
Def Character 2007-06-11 07:39:31 So cool b^^d
Kimiko 2007-06-11 13:30:08 O wow, beautiful!! ^0^
killerkun 2007-06-11 19:29:47 amazing
pencil no jutsu 2007-07-01 11:27:13 very cool love it <3
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Random art
This is my other side... This is the side of my personality that was not been shown to other people for a long time... and now I am revealing.yeah!
Keeper of time.

I spot problems with his Arm and shoulder
PLEASE COMMENT! Naruto fanart! I used 2 pictures to get their clothes and hair and all right, but I designed the poses myself (that's why they look a little crappy ^_~)Please help me with what I can improve on this drawing!!
Heh, more old work. Done while on my trip to Germany this past summer. I was super STOKED to find a white gel-pen xD
This picture is of my own characters. It's a group picture of the Dark-N-Light group. I colored it with adobe photoshop.
This is ph47d3m0n's Guitar Hero Les Gibson Faceplate. It sucked ass before the customization (it had these cheap flames on it) he's a FF geek, so i painted Cloud with a bunch of Chocobo's there.

No idea what they're doing though XD

Other paintjobs and visit my website for my portfolio, other work, and how to obtain this kind of work.
just some random sketching ^^
and more colour practice
This was the cover I drew for my friends online comic that she's creating right now. I fiddled with Photoshop for a bit and I think it turned out pretty good! That has to be the best male character I have ever drawn in my life. That's pretty sad.
Tik Tak
well I doodled this one during dinner give me some hints please I know the hands suck
wow it been awhile 
since i poseted 
a year or 2

anyway naruto year skip
done in charcoal
i don't think this one needs any explanation. I'm thinking  of also making a colored version.
one of my chars in a story i'm writing... experimental colouring again ^^' i think it turned out quite good =3
Going on with the non violence drawing here. It's always weird how my original ideas seem to turn out to something different, like this.